【 FBA 】FAQ about Fulfillment Center operation


Last update:2021-07-28 09:07 *We will update if there is a change.

The status of receiving FBA products at Amazon Fulfillment Center (FC) is as follows.

Delay in receipt of Inbound Shipments:


FAQ related to delay in receipt of Inbound Shipments

Q. Is there a delay for the products that I have shipped to FC other than the above?

A. No, there is no delay for the FCs other than the above. Please check "how long do I have to wait for my products to be received" for more details.

Q. Can I change the FC (shipment destination) to ship my products to?

A. No, unfortunately you cannot select the shipment destination.

Q. How long do I have to wait for my products to be received? / Although the shipment status has been completed, my products have not been received at FC yet.

A. FC with delay on receiving process: We are working on it, but we cannot promise the date to receive your products at this moment.

Until the delay in receiving process is resolved, please check the status on Seller Central>Inventory>Manage FBA Shipments>Open the shipping plan and then click the "shipment events"

FC without delay: Please wait for 8 days from the day that the shipment status completed. After 8 days, if the receiving process does not start and once the status is investigable on Manage FBA Shipments page, please contact us.

*8 days mentioned above is just a guideline, and it does not mean that we can promise to complete the receiving process in 8 days.

Q. Can you prioritize to receive my shipment? Can you transfer it to FCs that has no delay?

A. No, we cannot provide special support for your shipment even if you contact technical support. We appreciate your understanding.

Q. Why are some items not received while others have been received already even though I shipped them all together?

A. Even if you send multiple items/POs at the same time, the receiving process sometimes splits.

Please wait till your shipment’s status is investigable.

Q. How can I check my shipment status?

A. Please access to Seller Central and click ‘Inventory’, ‘Manage FBA Shipment’. You can choose the shipment ID and click ‘Shipment events’ tab.

If you have entered the tracking number, you can see current status from ‘Shipment events’ tab.