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FBA Small and Light frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  1. How is FBA Small and Light different from standard FBA?

    First, the program is only open to ASINs that meet the criteria, which are indicated in “Product eligibility” section above.

    Second, FBA Prep Service and Unplanned Prep Services are not currently supported for ASINs enrolled to the program.

    Third, the program’s per-unit fulfillment fees are generally lower than the comparable standard FBA fulfillment fees. For each unit fulfilled with this program, the seller will be charged a fee based on program fees. These fees are specifically designed for small and light products.

    Table 1. Program Fees Comparison. The following tables compare FBA Small and Light’s fulfillment fees to the corresponding standard FBA fulfillment fees for non-media standard-size products fulfillment:
    Fulfillment Fees (Per unit)
    Fulfillment Packaging size Small and Light program FBA Fulfillment fees
    1,000 JPY or less

    25.0 cm x 18.0 cm x 2.0 cm 193 JPY 290 JPY
    35.0 cm x 30.0 cm x 3.3 cm 205 JPY 381 JPY

    Fees above include consumption tax of 10%

  2. How do I identify which of my offers are eligible for FBA Small and Light?

    Go to the FBA Opportunities tool to identify which of your offers are eligible for Small and Light. For more information about the tool, go to our Help page.

  3. How do I add/remove MSKUs from FBA Small and Light?

    To add products to the program, use the Small and Light product enrolment page. To remove products, use the Small and Light product removal page.

  4. Can I offer an ASIN for both FBA Small and Light and standard FBA?

    Yes, you can have an offer in both FBA Small and Light and standard FBA. If you would like to have your ASINs in both FBA Small and Light and standard FBA, follow the steps for Creating offers in both FBA Small and Light and standard FBA. To help increasing your sales for these ASINs, we recommend having ASINs in both programs to reach all customers and offer them the full range of Amazon’s delivery options.

  5. Can I use my existing Merchant SKU (MSKU) when shipping units to a fulfillment center in the program?

    In order to use an MSKU for FBA Small and Light, the MSKU must be based on an offer in FBA. If you have an existing MFN offer, you can choose to convert the offer to FBA in order to use the MSKU for FBA Small and Light. If you intend to have offers in both FBA Small and Light and MFN, we need to create a separate offer so you have two MSKUs, one for FBA Small and Light and one for MFN, if the ASIN meets all program criteria. In Seller Central, you can update/create multiple offers at once using the Listing Loader tool and Inventory Loader tool. For more information, please see Using Listing Loader.

  6. Are my existing FBA offers that use manufacturer barcodes for tracking (i.e. Virtual Tracking inventory) eligible for enrollment?

    Yes, you are able to enroll existing FBA offers that are tracked with manufacturer barcodes (i.e. Virtual Tracking inventory). In these cases, please enroll the existing FBA offers into the Small and Light program using the enrollment page. Once successfully enrolled, our system will automatically convert your existing FBA offers into Small and Light offer. The inventory information is tracked by manufacture barcode.

  7. Where can I find help preparing and packaging my products?

    You can download the FBA Small and Light Program Prep and Packaging Guide for Sellers, which shows examples of properly and improperly prepared items.

    Note: Product packing using poly bags is no longer required from January 2021.
  8. How many units per ASIN should I ship?

    Once we have finished enrolling your ASINs in the program, you will receive a confirmation email from us (see FAQ #4). In the email, we share some inbound quantity recommendations for the program with you based on the ASIN’s sales history, pricing and other variables. We recommend taking into consideration inventory you already have on hand in our fulfillment centers for FBA offers of that ASIN when making inventory decisions. Also, please bear in mind that a wide range of variables impact the recommended inventory levels including, but not limited to, changes in customer demand and competitive offerings. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the right levels of stock.

  9. Are expiration-dated products allowed in FBA Small and Light program?

    Yes, expiration-dated products are allowed, except for liquors. However, requirements for eligible products (except for liquors) include complying with the requirements of the standard FBA expiration-dated products. Please make sure to see here and comply with them. When shipping expiration-dated products to Amazon, please ensure that each box only has one expiration date for all products contained. When an inventory gets expired, it will automatically be added to unsellable inventory.

  10. What is the customer returns policy for FBA Small and Light?

    We will provide fulfillment and customer service for your orders, which includes handling customer returns. For more information on our FBA customer returns policy, please see FBA customer returns policy.

  11. How do I remove my inventory under FBA Small and Light?

    You can create a Removal Order in Seller Central to remove your program inventory, just as you normally would for your standard FBA inventory. Normally, removals (returns/disposals) can take 10–14 working days to pick, pack and process. However, removal times may increase to 30 days or more during peak removal periods. FBA removal fee will apply.

  12. What happens when an ASIN or my offer has been removed from the FBA Small and Light program and I have stock in the Fulfillment Center?

    When you or Amazon removes the ASIN or offer from FBA Small and Light, fulfillment fees are charged as per FBA program instead of Small and Light program. The ASIN will not become unfulfillable.

  13. When will I get paid for my sales?

    Sales for items in the program are treated just like standard FBA sales, and proceeds will be distributed at the same frequency. For more information, please see When will I be paid?.

  14. What ship options are available to customers for my orders in the program?

    The program offers are Prime-eligible. The program is available with Free Shipping for Prime customers and Standard Shipping for non-Prime customers. Non-Prime customers also have the option of upgrading to Next Day Delivery shipping option for 510 JPY.

  15. Can I use FBA Small and Light for products that I sell on channels other than Amazon?

    Yes. Items enrolled in the FBA Small and Light program can be fulfilled through Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). MCF allows sellers to fulfill their inventory to any sales channel outside of Amazon, including their own brand website or ecommerce marketplace. To learn more about Multi-Channel Fulfillment, visit the Multi-Channel Fulfillment Help page.

  16. What reports are available to track my inventory and sales?

    For sales and inventory data, consult your FBA reports such as the Amazon Fulfilled Shipments (AFSR) and Inventory Reports. You can find these reports under the Reports tab in Seller Central.

  17. How do I preview the Small and Light program Fulfillment Fees?

    You can see the fees for your enrolled products by downloading a Fee Preview report but the displayed fees are based on standard FBA program. The Fee Preview report can be found by visiting the Reports menu in Seller Central, selecting the “Fulfillment” link, and then selecting “Fee Preview” in the list of reports on the left. The “Fee Preview” column in the Manage Inventory and Manage FBA Inventory pages shows fees as well (based on the standard FBA program). We hope to update this feature soon to reflect the correct fees for products that are enrolled in FBA Small and Light.

  18. What about customer service for my orders in the program?

    We will provide fulfillment and customer service for your orders as we do for standard FBA.

  19. Are gift wrap and gift messages available for FBA Small and Light offers?

    Yes. We provide gift wrap and gift message services.

  20. I am also interested in finding out more about standard FBA services. Where can I find more information?

    Please refer to Fulfillment by Amazon for more information.

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