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Organic Food

Important: If you supply products for sale on Amazon Japan, you must comply with all legal requirements and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings.

Requirements for listing Organic Food

In Japan, use of the term “organic” is regulated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). Any agricultural product, processed agricultural product that claims to be “organic” must comply with the Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS) organic regulations.

To sell or distribute agricultural products and processed agricultural products as “organic” in Japan, those products must be certified to either the JAS organic regulations or to an international standard that the MAFF has named as equivalent. In either case, the products must:

  • Be produced according to the JAS organic requirements,
  • Comply with organic labeling requirements, and
  • Organic JAS Logo to be printed on the product packaging or attached.
Note: Just being certified to the international equivalent certification such as USDA organic is not enough to claim “organic” in Japan. Only JAS Organic certified manufactures or importers can print or attach Organic JAS Logo.
Note: If you are located outside of Japan and ship your items directly to customers, those regulations above are not applicable. However in that case, at least one organic certification is required (not limited to Organic JAS).

Amazon Japan restricts to list incompliant “organic” products on our website. To confirm that an item is compliant, we validate the images of the item on our website whether the Organic JAS Logo is printed on the packaging material or attached. Please be sure to upload at least one clear image of the packaging with the Organic JAS Logo to the item’s page (Main-image and Sub-image are both acceptable). We may suppress your offers in case we cannot confirm a valid image with Organic JAS Logo on our webpage. For queries on this program, please contact us from the address below.

Contact address for organic product listing:

Note: Please be sure to send messages from your registered Seller account e-mail address. If you send messages from e-mail addresses other than your Seller account, we cannot reply to you.
Note: This contact address is only for listing organic products to Amazon. Regarding specific standards required for you to use the term “organic” or the Organic JAS Logo on food or feed, MAFF provides relevant information. Please refer to MAFF’s webpage for details.

Amazon provides these resources for informational purposes only. We encourage you to consult with legal counsel if you have questions about the laws and regulations concerning your products.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Organic Food

I uploaded an image, but it doesn’t show up on the product’s page,

Maximum number of images shown on a page is 6. If multiple Sellers uploaded images and the number exceeded 6, there would be images that don’t show up on the page. To allow Amazon to correctly validate compliance in those cases, Amazon will provide another pass to send images via email.

I replied to an Amazon’s request once. Why do I receive another same request?

You may receive multiple times of similar requests. The scope of this program is newly listed and recently modified items. Even if your item has been approved in the past, you may receive another same request when the information of the item is modified (e.g. Title, Product description, Product information etc.).

I received a message about certification validation and the message only mentions ASIN X while I am listing some other ASINs. Do I need to reply by including certificates for all other ASINs as well?

Basically it is not necessary to do that. When you are listing multiple ASINs, not all ASINs should be scoped in this program. However if you are listing multiple of quite similar ASINs and received a message mentioning only a part of them, it would be appreciated if you reply to the message with that information.

My items are not Organic. Do I need to answer the request?

We truly apologize for the wrong message. Please reply to the message by mentioning that.

What is the definition of Organic? Is my item Organic?

The definition of Organic food is the food displaying expressions by which consumers likely to regard as it is Organic. Please refer to the MAFF web page (MAFF web page in English) for more information.

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