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Chilled/Frozen food

Important: The Japanese version of this page is the official legal text. Translations in other languages are provided for reference purposes only.
Note: The term “food” as used in this policy includes all ingestible products such as, but not limited to grocery, beverage and dietary supplement products except drugs, quasi-drugs and liquor products.

Requirements to list chilled/frozen food product

  • Food must be properly stored and distributed with the quality and safety by avoiding being deteriorated, rotten and damaged. It is particularly important for chilled/frozen food to maintain proper temperature not only at manufacturing phase but also during storage and transportation.
  • At storage and distribution of chilled/frozen food, you must follow the storage condition instruction indicated in the label on the products. If chilled/frozen foods are stored or transported under the higher temperature than the instruction, micro-organisms may multiply in the food and cause food poisoning.
  • It is a duty for food businesses to deliver safe foods to the customers. The term “businesses” includes not only manufacturing companies and individuals but also includes distributing, transporting and selling companies and individuals.(Please refer to Food Sanitation Act, Article3 and 6 below).

If you wish to list chilled/frozen food on, please contact us to request the “Questionnaire sheet” to fill in your item handling policies with the e-mail form below;

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If you list items on without notification to Amazon, we may contact you to request to provide the information of your items.

Note: Additional documents may be requested depending on your answers in the questionnaire.
Note: Multiple requests may be sent depending on the timing or product types that you list on the Amazon Marketplace. In that case, please answer all the requests.
Note: By submitting the information above, you represent and warrant that all such information you provide is true, authentic, and accurate. If you breach this representation or warranty, we may terminate your selling privileges.

Relevant regulations

[Food Sanitation Act abridgment]

Article 3 (1) A food business operator (meaning a person or juridical person who is engaged in collecting, producing, importing, processing, cooking, storing, transporting, or selling food or additives, or producing, importing, or selling apparatus or containers and packaging, or a person or juridical person who provides food to many and unspecified persons on an ongoing basis at schools, hospitals or other facilities; the same shall apply hereinafter) shall, on his/her own responsibility, endeavor to ensure the safety of the food, additives, apparatus or containers and packaging which he/she collects, produces, imports, processes, cooks, stores, transports, sells, provides to many and unspecified persons, or uses in business (hereinafter referred to as "food for sale, etc."), and for that purpose, he/she shall endeavor to obtain the knowledge and technologies necessary to ensure the safety of food for sale, etc., conduct voluntary inspections of food for sale, etc., and take other necessary measures.

Article 6 The following food and additives shall not be sold (including cases of being delivered but not being sold to many and unspecified persons; the same shall apply hereinafter), or collected, produced, imported, processed, used, cooked, stored, or displayed for the purpose of marketing:

(i) Articles which have deteriorated, or are rotten, or immature; provided, however, that this shall not apply to articles which involve no risk to human health in general and are recognized as being edible;

(ii) Articles which contain or are covered with toxic or harmful substances or are suspected to contain or be covered with such substances; provided, however, that this shall not apply to cases where the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare specifies that such articles involve no risk to human health;

(iii) Articles which are contaminated with pathogens or are suspected to be so, and involve a risk to human health;

(iv) Articles which involve a risk to human health due to contamination or the addition of foreign substances or on other grounds.

Other references

Food Sanitation Act (Japanese/English):

Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Japanese):

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Japanese):

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