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Products for professional use

This page explains the definition of the products for professional use, how to list them, and other considerations.

Definition of a product for professional use

“Products for professional use" will be sold to the professional business customers who meet certain requirements, considering the characteristics of the products. The requirements for professional business customers will be defined for each product category. Refer to the table below to see the list of “products for professional use” in each product category.

Detail page of a product for professional use

Product for professional use will only be displayed to eligible customers on the product detail page, with an "Add to Cart" button, price, and availability, while non-eligible customers will not see them. Customers who are not eligible will see a message that the product is exclusive to professional customers and the button to create Amazon Business account or apply to register as an eligible customer if they believe they meet the requirements.

B2C customer B2B unauthorized customer

Add products for professional use

If you want to add a product for professional use to Amazon catalog, you must apply for registration. Refer to the table below in “Products for professional use in certain categories and how to register them” to see how to apply for each category. If the product details page (ASIN) of the specialized product you want to make offer is already on Amazon, you must list it on the ASIN.

Products for professional use in certain categories and how to register them

Medical Supply Some of the medical supplies in Amazon's "Medical Supplies Store" are only available for the customers with Amazon Business accounts that have been certified by Amazon as medical institution or government accounts, in order to prioritize medical professionals. If you want to sell medical supplies only to medical institutions and government agencies through this store, fill out this application form.

Refer to the "Medical Supplies Store" for more information on the products to be sold in this store.

Beauty Items for professional hair salons and barbershops are defined as products for professional use in beauty. If you want to sell products for professional use only to beauty salons and barbershops, apply for this service through this application form.

Even if you do not apply in the form above to create a new ASIN, if it is judged to be a product for professional use for beauty and barbershops, we will register it as a product for professional use.

Click here for a list of the specific products to be sold.

GIGA school Qualified sellers are limited to those who have been contacted by Amazon and completed specific registration with Amazon required by Amazon in addition to having the agreement with schools, relevant parties, or both to sell GIGA school products on Amazon.

Frequently asked questions

I would like to sell the items classified as “products for professional use” to general customers as well. How can I do that?

"Products for professional use” are restricted items which are available only for professional customers, taking into consideration the characteristics of the product. Therefore, as a general rule, products cannot be sold to general customers.

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