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Payments based on delivery date for cash on delivery (COD) orders

Funds from an orders placed with a COD payment option are reserved until 7 days after the latest estimated delivery date of that order to ensure that you have enough funds to fulfill any refund requests from buyers.

If you use ship tracking through an integrated shipping provider, we can calculate the delivery date more accurately rather than estimating it. Funds from these orders are put into reserve until 7 days after the actual delivery date of each order.

After the 7-day reserve, the funds will be eligible for payment on your next settlement date, as long as you have a positive account balance.

Here's how the reserve works:

  • You sell an item on January 1.
  • We estimate that the customer will receive the order between January 10 and January 15.
  • Funds from the order are released from the reserve on January 23, which is 7 days after the latest estimated delivery date of January 15. The money becomes part of the Available Balance in your Payments report.
  • You get paid for the order on your next settlement date.
Note: We automatically deduct Amazon fees or refunds from your available balance, and this may reduce the net amount you receive for an order.

Want to get paid faster?

If your account is in good standing, you can transfer Available Balance funds by clicking the Request transfer button on the Payments report. You won't see this option if you have transitioned to a delivery date payment schedule because of a performance review.

To speed up your payments, you can also:

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