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Points handling in Automate Pricing

Automate Pricing takes points into consideration when it reprices and validates your price and reference price as follows.

1. Automate Pricing keeps the points percentage you set when it reprices.

For example, if you set 1% points, Automate Pricing keeps 1% when repricing. This always applies to your item price even if the reference price, such as the featured offer and the lowest price, have the different points percentage. However, if you make a manual price update or points update elsewhere in Seller Central, Automate Pricing uses the last points percentage you set.

2. Automate Pricing uses ‘item price minus points’ for its reference price and price comparison.

For example, if your price is 1,000 JPY with 10 points and the reference offer price and points is 1,000 JPY with 50 points, Automate Pricing compares 990 to 950 (1,000 – 10 to 1,000 - 50). According to the repricing rule you set, Automate Pricing adjusts your price and points based on the total of the item price minus points.

Table 1. You set 1% points, and the reference lowest price sets 5%. (Pricing rule: Match the lowest price)
Item Seller (You) Reference Price Repricing After Repricing

Item price

1,000JPY 1,000JPY -40JPY 960JPY

Points value

10 points 50 points - 10 points
Points ratio 1% 5% Keep 1% 1%
Value 990 950 -40 950
Table 2. You set 5% points, and the buy box price sets 1%. (Pricing rule: Match the buy box price)
Item Seller (You) Reference Price Repricing After Repricing

Item price

1,000JPY 900JPY -62JPY 938JPY

Points value

50 points 9 points - 3 points 47points
Points ratio 5% 1% Keep 5% 5%
Value 950 891 -59 891

3. Automate Pricing ensures that the total of ‘item price – points’ does not go beyond Your Minimum Price and Maximum Price

If Your Minimum Price is 1,000, your item price can be 1,010 JPY with 10 points, yet it cannot be 1,000 JPY with 10 points. 1,000 JPY minus 10 points = 990, and this is below Your Minimum Price. When Your Maximum Price is 5,000, your item price and points can be 5,500 JPY with 500 points. 5,500 JPY minus 500 points = 5,000, which is still within Your Maximum Price.

4. Auto pricing rules paused due to price / points update outside of Automate Pricing of Seller Central

Repricing rules will be paused when you update your price or points outside Automate Pricing. If your rules are not set as "continue repricing", you will need to restart rules manually afterwards. We recommend you set “continue repricing” for all your repricing rules in advance to minimize your efforts.


Your Minimum and Maximum prices that you set in Automate Pricing are applied considering points, even when you are not repricing. If your offer gets suppressed, see My offer is suppressed after using Automate Pricing.

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