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Refunds FAQ

How do I refund the order amount to the buyer?

A refund is usually made to the same payment method the buyer selected for that order. If it was a prepaid card, for example, a refund will be sent to the same prepaid card.

How long will it take for the buyer to receive a refund to their credit card?

When you use Manage orders tool or Adjustment template to make a refund, the amount will return to the buyer’s credit card within a few minutes after the transaction is complete. Please note, however, how long it takes for the refund amount to be reflected on the credit card statement varies by Card Company, and it usually takes about 6 to 10 business days.

Can I be reimbursed for fees or the handling charges?

Yes. However, the calculation methods for full refunds and partial refunds differ. The restocking fees differ according to product categories and order amount. Read more about it here.

Will you reimburse sales fees I paid to Amazon after I refunded to the buyer?

Yes. Please also note that the amount reimbursed to you will be determined by several factors including whether it was a full or partial refund.

For more information, see Refund Credits and Administration Fees.

I issued a refund by mistake. What will happen next?

A refund will be put on hold for a maximum of two hours after it’s proceeded. This stalled time is set for you to revise the refund transaction in case you have made a mistake in the amount input or order selected. You can cancel a refund as long as you can click the link that says Cancel all pending refunds for this order. If you cannot see the link, it means the refund has already been made to the buyer, and you can no longer cancel it.

In this case, you can contact the buyer and ask them if Amazon can recharge the amount to their credit card again. Amazon can do so only when the buyer directly contacts us for authorization. If the buyer consented to the charge, please ask them to contact Amazon Customer Service. After we charge for the amount again, it will appear as a payment in your seller account.

What if buyers claim they did not receive their orders?

Refer to What if a buyer says they didn't receive their order? and Manage Orders FAQ for more details.

How should I contact the buyer about their return and refund request?

If you need to communicate with your buyer regarding return or its delivery method, you can contact them via email. Please check Communicate with buyers using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service. You can see the order and return details when you click the link displayed at each return request.

Will the buyer receive the refund as soon as the transaction is made?

The refund is in pending status for two hours after transaction.

I want to make sure if the refund was proceeded correctly.

I want to make sure if the refund was proceeded correctly. Please search the order ID you issued a refund for in Manage orders. If you can see a negative amount in the order details, the transaction is complete without any problem.

I want to cover the shipping fee the buyer paid when they returned the goods.

You can issue a refund from Other concession.

What should I do if a Cash On Delivery order returns to us as undeliverable or because the buyer refused to receive?

Proceed to refund selecting Shipping Address Undeliverable or Refused Delivery. Selecting these refund reasons will let us reimburse the fee we charged to you. Please check here for details.

How does a refund process work for Cash on Delivery order?

When you issue a refund, Amazon returns the amount to the buyer via Amazon Gift Cards or combination of Gift Cards and the bank transfer. Please see here for more details.

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