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Featured Brand Widget

What is Featured Brand widget?

Featured Brand widget is for sellers who are also the owner of a particular brand. Featured brand widget is displayed on the product detail page for eligible brands who have consistently provided customers with, amongst others, good quality products, less returns to ensure positive customer experience and good ratings on the product and highlights such brands to customers for added discoverability and more confident purchase decisions.

What is the eligibility criteria for brands to qualify for Featured Brand widget?

To qualify for a Featured brand widget, a brand must have excellent customer feedback, reviews, and ratings and meet the minimum order fulfillment criteria along with the product quality metrics.

Note: We do not disclose the exact metrics and volume thresholds to protect Brands from abuse.

Can I pay for the Featured Brand widget on my brand?

No, there is no paid service available to get the Featured brand widget without qualifying for the criteria.

My brand had the Featured brand widget, but no longer has it. How can I get it back?

A brand’s eligibility to get the Featured brand widget may change over time based on the customer feedback and performance against the eligibility criteria. To get the Featured brand widget, we encourage you to continue to focus on delighting customers and meet the performance metrics.

How will I know if my brand is qualified as a Featured brand?

If a brand qualifies the Featured brand criteria, the product detail page will automatically get updated with the information as shown below.

Best practices to become eligible for Featured Brand widget

Brands are evaluated based on factors that have been carefully chosen in an effort to give customers the best shopping experience. If you are not currently an eligible brand, you can work towards becoming one by improving your Performance Metrics and Return Rate. These metrics can be improved by maintaining high-standards over time, which helps develop customer trust. The following best practices can help you develop such customer trust.

  • Product detail page: Make sure to update the product related information for each ASIN while listing the products to avoid any customer confusion.
  • Product Quality & Customer service: Make sure to provide the best quality products to avoid returns and delight customers to ensure positive customer feedback and product rating.

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