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Infant Formulas (Powdered form, Liquid form)

Important: In addition to what is described in this help page, all food items listed in Amazon Marketplace must comply with all manufacturing methods, specifications, labeling and packaging specifications described in the legal requirements such as Food Sanitation Act, Health Promotion Act, relevant legislations, administrative interpretations and guidelines etc., and Amazon policies applicable to those products and product listings.

Requirements on listing Infant Formulas

Infant Formulas (Infant formulas in powdered form and Infant formulas in liquid form, the same hereafter) are regulated by Health Promotion Act (HPA) under the administration of Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA). Infant Formulas are classified as Food for Special Dietary Uses (FOSDU) by HPA and those products in that category are required to be permitted and registered by the authority. The definition of Infant Formulas in FOSDU is products “stating that the food is suitable as an alternative to breast milk, using medical and nutritional expressions”.

To sell Infant Formulas in Japan, those products must pass individual examination and be permitted by CAA. To obtain the permission, products must meet all of the following criteria;

  • The food is permitted as "powdered infant formula" or "liquid infant formula" under the Order on Compositional Standards for Milk and Milk Products (Order of Ministry of Health and Welfare No.52 of 1951).
  • The food conforms to the criteria for the nutritional composition of infant formulas.
  • The food conforms to the labeling requirements.

Please refer to CAA webpage for details of each criteria.

CAA FOSDU (Japanese)

CAA FOSDU (English)

Amazon restricts to list incompliant Infant Formulas products as well as confusing with those products on our website. Infant Formulas products must be permitted and registered by CAA, thus we suppress scoped products without permission. Please understand and cooperate with this program. For questions regarding this program, please contact us from the address below;

Note: Please be sure to send messages from your registered Seller account e-mail address. If you send messages from e-mail addresses other than your Seller account, we cannot reply to you.
Note: This contact address is only about listing Infant Formulas to Amazon. Regarding specific standards required for you to apply for Infant Formulas permission and registration, CAA provides relevant information and Amazon will not answer to the inquiries regarding the regulation. Please refer to CAA’s webpage for details.

CAA FOSDU (Japanese)

CAA FOSDU (English)

Amazon provides these resources for informational purposes only. We encourage you to consult with legal counsel if you have questions about the laws and regulations concerning your products.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Infant Formulas

Q1) How do I get permission for my products?

We are sorry but Amazon is not providing counsel for obtaining the permission. Please consult your own legal counsel.

Q2) My item has been suppressed while it is not Infant Formula.

We are very sorry for the wrong suppression. Please state that issue in your reply with reasons why your product is not regarded as an Infant Formula product.

Q3) I received a message about suppressing my items and the message only mentions ASIN xxxx while I am listing some other ASINs. Do I need to withdraw all other ASINs as well?

A3) Basically it is not necessary to do that. When you are listing multiple ASINs, not all ASINs should be scoped in this program. However if you are listing multiple of quite similar ASINs and received a message mentioning only a part of them, it would be appreciated if you reply to the message with that information.

Q4) What is the definition of Infant Formulas? Is my item regarded as Infant Formula?

The definition of Infant Formula is the food “stating that the food is suitable as an alternative to breast milk, using medical and nutritional expressions”. Please refer to the CAA webpage for more information.

CAA FOSDU (Japanese)

CAA FOSDU (English)

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