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Funds withholding policy

Customer trust is paramount to Amazon, and we strictly prohibit the sale of counterfeit items and other deceptive, fraudulent, and illegal activity. If we find that you have engaged in such activity, we may deactivate or close your seller account and withhold any funds that have not yet been disbursed to you in the cases set forth below, in order to protect our customers and sellers.

When and for How Long Funds in Your Account Will be Withheld

If we find that your conduct or performance may result in returns and chargebacks to, complaints against, or disputes with Amazon or a third party, or be in violation of Amazon rules or policies, or create other risks to Amazon or to a third party, we will, in general, withhold funds for a period of 90 days. This period may, however, be extended if, in connection with your account, any risk persists in relation to a third party or such risk requires ongoing investigation.

If we find that you are using your account to engage in deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, or for the purpose of violating Amazon’s policies (which include but not limited to selling counterfeits or prohibited items, attempting to obtain reviews or manipulate ranking fraudulently, engaging in fictitious transactions, abusing our systems, engaging in acts that undermine customer trust, or using our systems for any illegal activities including money laundering), we will withhold funds in your account until we are able to confirm that you had not been engaging in any such act. Funds may also be withheld if we find that any of your products or conduct may have harmed our customer(s), other person, or us, until the issue is resolved.

If we find that your conduct or performance may pose a risk to Amazon or a third party, we may set up an unavailable balance to hold funds in your account. Unavailable balance means that a sufficient amount of funds is being withheld in case of a A-to-z claim or a need to make a refund (chargeback). For more information, please review “What is unavailable balance?” on our Help page.

Amount to be Withheld

We will withhold the full amount of funds not yet disbursed and outstanding in your account to settle transactions outstanding at the time of the withholding, including costs, and outstanding fees incurred in connection with product returns or refunds, A-to-z claims from customers, inventory removal costs. This amount may change when an outstanding transaction is settled after the withholding, or when there is an offset with payment you are obliged to make to Amazon.

You can confirm the outstanding amount of funds in your account at any time by checking your Seller Central Payment Report, or by contacting

Appealing the Funds Withholding

You may appeal the withholding of funds by following the instructions provided to you in the notice of funds withholding or in Seller Central. If your funds are released as a result of the appeal, funds will be disbursed according to your disbursement schedule. If funds are not released after the appeal, or if 90 days have passed from the date the funds were withheld, you may seek payment of funds by contacting separately.

This policy supplements the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

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