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Amazon Point Cost Discount


Starting October 15, 2021, Amazon will lower the cost of points by 9% for one year. Currently, the cost of a point is 1 JPY. After the discount, 1 point will cost 0.91 JPY. This discount will apply to points issued up to 1% of the price of an offer. Points issued above 1% will be charged at the standard rate of 1 point = 1 JPY. For instance, for an offer with a standard price of 1,000 JPY with 2% points, the original cost of points before discount is 20 JPY. After discount, the cost of points would be 19 JPY (discount calculated as 1,000 JPY x 1% x 9% - rounded to 1 JPY).

Offers with points provided by professional sellers and confirmed shipment between October 15, 2021 and October 14, 2022 are eligible for the discount. No additional enrollment is necessary.

Referral fees and cost of points

During the point cost discount period, there is no change to the referral fee calculation. The referral fee will be calculated based on the nominal value of the point issued (before the cost discount). For example, if an order amount is 10,000 JPY with 2% points (i.e. 200pt) and the referral fee rate is 15%, the referral fee will continue to be calculated as (10,000 JPY - 200 JPY) * 15% = 1,470 JPY. However, the cost of points after discount calculated (i.e. 10,000 JPY x 2% - 10,000 JPY x 1% x 9% = 191 JPY) will be subtracted from your sales proceeds. You can confirm the cost of points after discount on the Transaction Details under Payment.

Refund of orders applied points cost discount

When a refund occurs, the cost of points after discount related to the order will return to the seller.

  • For a full refund, the full cost of points after discount will return to the seller
  • For a partial refund, the refunded points amount will be calculated based on the ratio of refund amount to sale price. For example, if an order amount is 10,000 JPY with 2% points (i.e. 200pt), a partial refund of 5,000 JPY occurred would result in 96 JPY (191 JPY cost of points after discount x 50% refund ratio) returned to the seller. Please note the total amount of refunded points will not exceed the actual cost of points. For instance, if the customer refunds the remaining 5,000 JPY, the amount of points refunded to sellers this time will be 95 JPY (191 JPY - 96 JPY) Please note that this promotion is subject to change or termination at Amazon’s discretion.

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