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Customer service by Amazon for seller-fulfilled orders

What is CSBA?

Customer Service by Amazon (CSBA) is a service established to support professional China-based sellers. Instead of dealing with queries directly from customers, sellers using CSBA will have Amazon Customer Service act on their behalf for items covered by CSBA ("CSBA Merchandise”), within the scope of the customer service as prescribed by Amazon. The seller agrees to comply with the following requirements when using CSBA.

The following are the benefits of using CSBA:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Omni-channel support for phone calls, online chats and emails
  • A faster turnaround time since most of the customer contacts can be resolved at once
  • An increased Positive Response Rate when compared with non-CSBA orders
  • A professional bilingual support: Support provided in both Japanese and Chinese for sellers and customers
  • An estimated reduction in Order Defect Rates (A-to-Z Claim, Negative feedback) and return rate for self-fulfilled orders

CSBA Charges

CSBA is currently charging a flat fee rate of 38 JPY per shipped quantity. Once the seller opts for the CSBA service, the CSBA fee applies for all self-fulfilled shipped items. Customer support is available for customers once they place their orders.

Note: The fee for customer service will be charged whether a customer contacts Amazon or not. New sellers whose accounts were registered in JP in last 12 months, and who would like to opt into CSBA for the first time benefits from 90 days free trial.

Requirements and Seller Eligibility

To use CSBA, the seller must comply with the terms of use set forth below. In the event of non-compliance, or if Amazon deems that the seller’s use of CSBA is inappropriate, Amazon may, at its discretion, suspend or disqualify such a seller from using CSBA.

  1. Seller must agree to Customer Service by Amazon Terms including,
    1. Customer return policy that defines for seller fulfillment orders; and
    2. Order cancel/change requirements that CSBA defines.
  2. Registered as a Professional seller with good performance on
  3. Provision of valid tracking ID: Sellers who self-fulfill are required to provide valid tracking IDs for their shipments. In case a customer requests information on shipments, CSBA will share the information based on the tracking IDs provided by sellers.
  4. Responding to CSBA enquiry: To respond to a customer query, in some cases CSBA will need more information from sellers. In such cases, sellers are required to respond to CSBA within 24 hours (includes holidays). If CSBA does not receive a response from the seller within the stipulated time period, CSBA will handle the customer query based on CSBA policy.
  5. Seller must agree to CSBA’s handling of customer contacts on MFN orders. In order to avoid confusion, sellers are required to refrain from interfering with the communication between CSBA and the customer.
  6. Amazon reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions, this Help Page, Policy Programs and other policies at any time.

In addition, the seller shall satisfy the following Terms and Conditions:

The seller is required to satisfy the following terms and conditions, and shall promptly notify Amazon in the event of any change. Further, in the event of non-compliance, Amazon may, at its discretion, suspend or disqualify such a seller from using CSBA.

  1. The type of seller’s account is a professional seller’s account.
  2. The address stated in the “description pursuant to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions” is located in the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan.
  3. The seller is not a Japanese corporation and does not possess Japanese nationality.
  4. The seller or the seller’s employees can communicate smoothly in the Chinese language with Amazon CS.
  5. The seller shall comply with these Terms and the policies set forth by Amazon, and the seller's account is stable and operational.

Return and Refund policy

  1. CSBA follows the Amazon return policies. To ensure a consistent experience for buyers, Amazon requires CSBA sellers to set forth return policies that are at least as favorable as the Amazon return policies. If a CSBA seller has a different return/refund policy, which provides better Customer experience than Amazon return policies, the seller is required to send an email to with their return policy information. Once CSBA confirms and approves the seller’s return policy, the CSBA team will follow the terms set by the policy to proceed with return/refund requests pertaining to MFN orders.
  2. CSBA sellers are required to follow OOC return policy.
  3. If a seller provides a return address in Japan, a customer who raises the return request on a CSBA order is automatically authorized to return the item, and will receive the shipping address for sending the return item. Once the seller receives the return item, the seller is required to initiate a refund to the customer following the Amazon Standard policy of return and refund.
  4. Return and refund policy of CSBA without return address in Japan:
    1. If a seller does not set a return address, CSBA will initiate a refund without return to the customer on behalf of the seller.
    2. If a seller provides an overseas return address, and does not provide a pre-paid shipping label to the customer to return the items of CSBA MFN Order, CSBA will initiate a refund without return to the customer on behalf of the seller. If the customer has shipped the items without a pre-paid shipping label, and if the seller has not refunded the customer for the return shipping fee, CSBA will refund the return shipping fee to customers.

FAQs: Opt in/Opt out CSBA Service

  1. How do I opt in to CSBA service?

    As a seller, you can avail the CSBA Service from Your Services under Seller Account Information.

    1. Click Account Info and click Manage.
    2. Click Opt-in to CSBA. This will redirect you to the opt-in page with information on CSBA service introduction.
    3. Click Opt-in Now to opt in. Once you submit this option, you will be able to view this service as “Active” under Your Services section.

  2. How can I opt out from CSBA?

    You can opt out from CSBA by following these steps:

    1. Go to Account Info.
    2. Under My Services, click Opt-out of CSBA beside Customer Service by Amazon.
    3. Click Opt-out now
    Note: Sellers can also choose to re-register for CSBA later. However, during the period where the seller has opted-out from CSBA, the contacts are not routed to CSBA but to the seller.

FAQs: Information related to CSBA fees

  1. I have opted in to CSBA, when will I be charged?

    You will be charged from Oct 17, 2019.

  2. Where can a seller confirm the charged CSBA fee? How can I check the CSBA charges through my seller account?

    You can view the CSBA charged in the same manner as viewing your other fees such as, referral fees, and Fulfillment by Amazon fees. To do this, click the Reports tab and from the drop-down click Payments.

    1. Statement View

      Sellers can view the CSBA Fees per shipped quantity for their MFN orders under Statement View > Amazon Fees.

    2. Transaction View

      Transaction View: Sellers can view the CSBA Fees per shipped quantity for their MFN orders under Transaction View > Amazon Fees.

      Transaction Details: Click the total amount (displayed in ¥) of each order payment under the Transaction View. Sellers can view the CSBA fee listed beside Amazon fees at the same level as Referral Fee on item price.

    3. All Statements

      View Summary: Sellers are directed to Statement View.

      Download Flat File V2/Download Flat File: Sellers can download the payment details as a .txt file. Sellers can view one row of payment for CSBA fee.

      Download XML: Seller can download the payment details as a XML file. Sellers can view the CSBA fees in XML, which can be seen after “Item Fee (Referral fee).”

    4. Date Range Reports

      Under Date Range Reports, when sellers click Generate Report, a pop-up screen is displayed with the option to select Summary or Transaction.

      Transaction: Sellers can download this information as a CSV file. In the CSV file, sellers can view the CSBA fee.

  3. Whom should I contact for my questions on the charged CSBA Fee?

    Contact Selling Partner Support (SPS) from Contact Us in Seller Central.

  4. What is the fee schedule of CSBA?

    CSBA fee schedule is same as referral fee schedule.

FAQs: Information on Customer Contacts

  1. What kind of customer contact information does CSBA require from sellers?

    CSBA will require access to all MFN order-related contacts from sellers, including the MFN order-related contacts, which go to the Buyer Seller Messaging Service. Sellers have the option to share their MFN order-related contacts from their mailbox to, and the CSBA team will manage the order-related issues on behalf of the sellers.

  2. What kind of customer contact information CSBA does not require from sellers?

    CSBA does not require any non-order related contact information, which will go to the Buyer Seller Messaging Service. Sellers are required to respond to customers directly for such issues through the Buyer Seller Messaging Service.

  3. Where do I confirm the communication record between CSBA and the customer?

    The customer's communication record via the CS Contact US are not shared with sellers. All the customer contacts and requests are processed by CSBA following the return and refund policy with Amazon Standard. Please refer to the details on "Return and Refund Policy" section on this page. If you received any query specific to the customer contact handled by CSBA, please forward the information to the CSBA team -

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