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Returns FAQ

A buyer is requesting a return and refund. How do I proceed?

For details on what to do and the information you need to know about returns and refunds, please go to: Manage Returns.

How shall I contact a buyer regarding returns and refunds?

Send the buyer an email to discuss the issue and work toward a resolution. For more information, go to Communicate with buyers using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.

For more information on a specific return request, click Read return details & order history within the return request.

I’m not sure whether I should authorize this return request. How do I determine?

You can refer to this Amazon Seller University page 8 to 10 and 18 to19 and follow our policies.

How do I decline and close a return request?

If you decide to close the return request without accepting it, click Close request. Select the closing reason as This Product is not returnable. Please also make sure that you give the buyer detailed explanation why you are closing the request in the Message to buyer section.

How soon should I respond to a return request?

We recommend that you respond within 24 hours.

A return request was authorized automatically. Why is that?

It is either because your return preference is set for auto authorization or the order was Seller Fulfilled Prime. Please refer to Set your return preferences, or Seller Fulfilled Prime user policies.

I want to charge a fee to the buyer for returning the order.

When certain conditions are met, sellers can charge a restocking fee to a buyer. For details, please visit Guidelines for charging restocking fees.

The buyer requested return due to the incorrect catalog information but it was Amazon fault. What should I do?

You can close the return request by clicking Close request. Select Solved a technical issue as a closing reason. Then, please send the buyer a message explaining you cannot accept this request because it was Amazon that provided incorrect product information on website, and asking them to contact Amazon Customer Service for the return and refund.

Can I authorize the closed return request?

No, you cannot authorize the request once it was closed. Ask the buyer to send a return request again. You can issue a refund from Manage Order without receiving a request but please note that this will leave no record of order return or refund history in your Manage returns page.

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