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What is the Manage Orders page?

Your Manage Orders page provides a customizable view of all your orders on all sales channels. You can view all orders within a given date range or use Search and Advanced Search to filter specific types of orders. To view the page from your seller account, click Orders, and then click Manage Orders.

Here is some additional information:

  • Buyers' phone numbers will not be visible for orders that are fulfilled by Amazon. If you must contact the buyer, follow the steps listed on the Contact a buyer page.
  • For seller-fulfilled orders, we provide you with a phone number that connects to the buyer during the fulfilment period. After delivery is complete, this phone number will no longer connect to the buyer. For more information, please visit Prohibited seller activities and actions.
  • You must confirm shipment of the order with Amazon within 30 days of the order date. Otherwise, Amazon will automatically cancel the order and you will not be paid, even if you shipped the order. One week before the 30-day cutoff, you will see a warning in Manage Orders ("Confirm as shipped by [date] to avoid cancellation"), and you will receive a notification by email.
  • When you confirm shipment for even one item in an order, we charge the buyer for the entire order. If the entire order is not confirmed, you will see the "Shipment is late" status in Manage Orders and a warning message on your seller account home page. These will appear even if you have refunded the remaining items in the order.
  • Sellers may receive an order from a business customer. If the Business Buyer badge is displayed next to the order ID in Manager Orders, it indicates the order is from a business customer. For an order from a business customer, sellers must enclose a packing slip. If you see the Buyer PO# (purchase order number) in the Order Details page, enter the Buyer PO# to the packing slip.
Note: For information about how to list your products, see Manage inventory. Go to the Buy Shipping Services page to learn about your options for purchasing shipping. For more information about the Manage Orders page, click the following links.
Note: For more information about orders from business customers, see the Orders from Business Customers (Japanese).
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