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Error 20004

We were unable to download the image from the URL specified. To correct this error, check your URL and try again.

This error occurs when:

  • no image file exists at the URL you provided,
  • the URL is actually a redirect to the image file,
  • your server timed out, or,
  • due to resource constraints your server was unable to process our request for the image.
Our systems try several times to retrieve the image from the specified URL, but in some cases all attempts fail. To fix this error, try this:
  1. Access the URL using a web browser.
  2. If no image appears, then the image file does not reside at that location. You should provide a different, valid URL.
  3. If the image appears, check the URL that is displayed in the web browser's address bar.
  4. If the URL in the address bar is different from the URL you originally entered, then your original URL is not an image file. It is an HTML redirect. You should resubmit using the URL in the address bar.
  5. If the URL in the address bar is the same as the URL you originally entered, then your URL is valid. However, there may have been transient network errors, or the host server was unavailable, at the time our system attempted to retrieve the image. You should make sure your image host is available before resubmitting the feed to get the images uploaded.
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