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Build International Listings

The Build International Listings tool helps you create and update offers from a single source marketplace to one or more target marketplaces. You save time and effort by managing offers in one marketplace. From that source marketplace, the tool will update eligible offers and prices in the target marketplaces based on settings that you specify and currency exchange rates.

Build International Listings works within a region where there are multiple marketplaces, such as Europe and North America, and across regions when you have connected them by linking accounts.

Build International Listings performs the following automated tasks:

  • Creates offers from a source marketplace to a target marketplace where the same ASINs already exist in both marketplaces.
  • Synchronizes the offer prices in target marketplaces based on the price you set in the source marketplace and your price rules.
  • Adjusts prices periodically to reflect currency conversion fluctuations in the currencies of the target marketplaces. The frequency of these updates may vary from daily to weekly. Changes of less than 1% will not be reflected in these updates.
  • Adds or deletes offers in the target marketplaces when you make changes to eligible ASINs in the source marketplace.
  • Synchronizes inventory across European marketplaces where the offers result in a Pan-European FBA offer.

Build International Listings does not:

  • Create product detail pages.
  • Synchronize offerings for used products when there is a condition note.
  • Synchronize inventory in the following cases:
    • FBA offers of connections between North American marketplaces (United States, Canada, and Mexico)
    • FBA and merchant-fulfilled offers of connections between marketplaces from different regions (North America, Europe, and Japan)
  • Remove offers in the target marketplace when the offer becomes inactive in the source marketplace.
  • Check that your products comply with applicable laws and regulations across all marketplaces.

Create and update offers

  1. Verify that you meet the seller requirements:
    • Professional selling account
    • European Unified Account if using Build International Listings in Europe
    • North America Unified Account if using Build International Listings in North America
    • Linked accounts between regions if using Build International Listings across regions
    • Accounts in good standing in the marketplaces to be connected
    Note: The easiest way to tell whether you have a Unified Account or linked accounts is to click the marketplace switcher at the top of your selling account and see whether other marketplaces appear (North America:,, and; or Europe:,,,, and
  2. Verify that your offers meet the following requirements so they can be connected and synchronized:
    • A product detail page with the same ASIN must exist in the source and target marketplaces.
    • An ASIN must have an active offer in the source marketplace.
    • A product must comply with all applicable laws of and not be prohibited in the target marketplace.
    • A seller must be approved for restricted products or categories.
    Note: You are solely responsible for ensuring that you and your products comply with all applicable laws of the target marketplaces.
  3. Go to the Build International Listings tool and click Get started.
  4. Choose your source and target marketplaces.
  5. Select offer creation rules.
  6. Define default price rules.
  7. Review your settings.
  8. Wait for Amazon to process the connections. You will receive an email when this is complete.
  9. Review your Next Steps and the Build International Listings Status Report.
  10. Update connections and exclude products.
  11. Create a connection for a second source marketplace (cross-region connections only).
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