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Create your inventory file template

Note: This feature is currently available for Professional sellers only.

An inventory file template enables you to add or edit product listings in bulk. It is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that contains multiple data columns for describing your products using various attributes or information fields. You can create a template to suit your specific requirements and list different types of products across multiple categories using one template. The templates include the correct Browse Node, removing the need to find them from the Browse Tree Guide.

  1. Go to Add Products via Upload Download an Inventory File tab.
  2. Select the type of product you want to sell by using either one of the methods:
    1. Search tool:
      1. Type the name or key product descriptor words in the search box and click Search.
      2. Select the type of product you want to list. Click Clear Search to move to the next search.
    2. Product Classifier:
      1. Select the category in which your product belongs.
      2. Continue to narrow the classification options until the Select button appears.
      3. Click Select to add the classification to your list.
      4. Repeat the above steps to classify all your products.
    • A lock sign next to a product indicates you need approval to sell this product on Amazon. For more information, see Categories and products requiring approval.
    • If you are unable to find your type of product, check for category-specific templates under the Inventory Files section below on the same tab. Use these templates only if you are unable to find your type of products using the above tools.
  3. Review your selected products. You can edit your product list by removing specific products that you no longer want to include in your template.
  4. Select the type of template that you want to generate:
    • Advanced: It contains all the attributes (required, preferred, and optional) associated with the selected products.
    • Custom: You can choose attribute groups associated with the above selected products that you want to add to your template. It also includes the required attributes.
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