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Take advantage of the new Shipping Settings

For details on shipping settings, see Seller University

If you don't have access to shipping templates on the front page of your Shipping Settings, then you have not migrated to the new service. Migrate to the new shipping settings to access the following new features, improvements, and updates:

Shipping templates

Premium shipping

  • Take advantage of the new premium shipping options to improve your sales to customers.
  • You may now set shipping rates by region for expedited shipping (e.g. Next Day Delivery).
  • If you are eligible for premium shipping, you can offer same-day delivery in select cities.
  • If eligible, you can enroll in Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Scheduled Delivery

  • You can set shipping rates by region for Scheduled Delivery shipping.
  • Scheduled Delivery cannot be set on the Prime Shipping template.

International shipping

  • You may now select which countries to ship to.
  • Customize transit times and shipping rates by country.

Weekend shipping and cut off time extension

  • You can set weekend shipping and display earliest delivery date on Product Detail Page after Friday cut off time.
  • You can extend cut off time of expedited shipping until 11:00PM.
  • You can set weekend shipping and set cut off time at the General Shipping Setting tab of the Shipping Setting.

Additions to the Manage Inventory page

Price and Shipping column

The Price and Shipping column displays the shipping template associated with each product/SKU. Click on it to view the settings in that template.

Edit Product page

Click Edit on an item in your inventory, and open the Edit Product page. In the Offer tab, you will see a new attribute called Shipping Template.

Changes to inventory files on the Add Products via Upload page

Inventory loader file

The existing columns named will-ship-internationally and expedited-shipping no longer apply. Shipping templates now define these characteristics. Learn more.

Category-specific inventory files

These have a new column called merchant_shipping_group_name. Use this column to assign each SKU to the relevant shipping template.

Changes to reports on the Inventory Reports page

The active listings reports have a new column called merchant shipping group. It will list the shipping template currently associated with each SKU.

Changes to Seller Profile page

The Seller Profile page no longer shows your shipping settings to customers. Customers will see these details through the product detail page or offer listing page.

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