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What happens to my price if ...

Event Result
I establish a higher than / lower than Buy Box rule, then I win the Buy Box Your rule will stop repricing once you are the Buy Box winner.
I establish a higher than / lower than lowest price rule, then I am the lowest price Your rule will ensure you keep your pre-defined increment below the second lowest price. For example, if the second lowest price rises from 2,000 yen to 2,200 yen, and your rule beats the lowest price by 50 yen, then your price will change to 2,150 yen.
The Buy Box / Lowest Price falls far below my minimum price (for example, my rule is beat Buy Box by 10 yen and my minimum price is 2,000 yen. The Buy Box price is 1,900 yen) Your price will reach your minimum level. For example, if your rule is beat Buy Box by 10 yen and your minimum price is 2,000 yen, when the Buy Box goes to 1,900 yen your price will remain at 2,000 yen.
I and another seller using Automate Pricing both have pricing rules on the same ASIN Your price will settle to the final level dictated by your rule and the other seller's rule. For example, if you and the other seller both have the rule "Stay below the lowest price by 10 yen", your minimum price is 1,000 yen, and the other seller's minimum price is 1,050 yen, rather than trigger numerous price changes in small increments, your price will go to 1,040 yen, and the other seller's price will go to 1,050 yen.
I am the only seller on an ASIN and I implement a Buy Box / Lowest Price rule Your price will not change until there is a relevant offer on the ASIN.
I remove my minimum or maximum price via another method, such as a feed upload, Manage Pricing, or Manage Inventory, or I update my minimum price or maximum price to an invalid amount. Your pricing rule is paused for that SKU, and your price remains at the last price before the pricing rule was paused. To restart the rule, go to Automate Pricing, select the rule, and select Resume to restart the rule for the SKU.
I stop repricing a SKU Your price and points remain at the last automatically repriced value until you resume running the pricing rule, or you change the price or points via another method, such as feeds, Manage Pricing, or Manage Inventory.
I delete a pricing rule Your prices and points remain at the last automatically repriced value until you change them via another method, such as feeds, Manage Pricing, or Manage Inventory.
I change a rule and save it All SKUs associated with that rule are repriced according to the new logic. This process can take up to 1 hour.
I assign a used SKU to a Buy Box rule Your SKU will not change price. Automate Pricing does not currently support the used Buy Box. To begin automatically repricing, select Lowest price of Price you want to compare to in "Create a pricing rule" section and also select Only offers with the same or better sub-condition of What should we compare you offers to?
I manually updated my price or points with a value which exceeds the minimum and maximum price range that I set for auto repricing. Regardless of how it is updated, your price will be suppressed if the total of price minus points exceeds the range of minimum and maximum price. The total of your price minus points needs to be within the minimum and maximum price even if the SKU is not applied to an auto repricing rule.
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