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Return Dissatisfaction Rate FAQ

Why is the Return Dissatisfaction Rate important?

A return is a critical part of the buying experience for Amazon buyers, and as a seller you should have full visibility into how satisfied buyers are with this experience. Unsatisfactory returns are more likely to result in claims and negative feedback. We created the Return Dissatisfaction Rate to help you prevent these issues and help you understand where you can improve the returns experience for buyers.

Is the customer feedback portion of the Return Dissatisfaction Rate the same as my normal customer feedback?

No. After a return request is processed we email the buyer asking ""Did the seller resolve your issue?" Any "No"” response is counted as negative customer feedback. This is separate from other customer feedback that we seek.

Why am I unable to reject returns that are out of policy for me?

We determine whether a request is eligible for return based on Amazon’s return policy, not your return policy. Your return policy must be as good as, or better than, the Amazon return policy (Pro Merchants only). Returns that don’t meet Amazon’s return policy will not be included in the metric. For example, in most categories, buyers can only return items within a set time period; for most categories the time period is 30 days after delivery. If a buyer requests a return after the acceptable return period, you can reject the return without it affecting your Return Dissatisfaction Rate.

Will my Return Dissatisfaction Rate be negatively affected if I fix a buyer’s issue without authorizing the buyer’s return request?

No. We encourage you to solve the buyer’s issue to their full satisfaction. If that can be accomplished without a return, great! Simply choose the appropriate close code on the request, indicating that the buyer’s issue was resolved. The solicited feedback to the buyer will verify their satisfaction with the resolution.

What happens if I fix the issue after the buyer leaves a negative response in their return request feedback?

If a buyer reverses their feedback, we will automatically adjust your Return Dissatisfaction Rate. We encourage you to continue working with the buyer until they’re satisfied. Similarly, if you accidently deny a request you meant to authorize, you can go back and authorize the return request and your Return Dissatisfaction Rate will reflect the change.

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