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Amazon Business Glossary

As you begin selling on Amazon Business, you may run across terms that are new to you. This glossary contains the most commonly used terms for Business-to-Business (B2B) sellers in the Amazon Business Seller program. The certification descriptions included in this glossary are not intended to convey all necessary requirements and criteria for obtaining the applicable certifications, and Amazon does not assess compliance with any given standard. Consult the certifying organization for all relevant details.

Business Customer or Business Buyer

Amazon Business customers have completed the business account registration process and have been verified as businesses.

Business-Only Offer

An offer that has only a business price, and no customer price. A business-only offer is only available to Amazon Business customers, and is not available to all customers in Amazon. Learn more.

Business Order

A business order is an order that is placed by a verified Amazon Business customer.

Business Price

Business price ("business-price") is a price that is available only to business customers, regardless of quantity purchased. This is different from "price", which is the price available to all Amazon customers. You can have an offer with both a business price and a customer price, or you can have an offer with only a business price (see Business-Only Offer). Learn more about business pricing.

Quantity Discount

A tiered discount available to Amazon Business customers that buy in higher volume. Each seller in the Amazon Business Seller Program specifies their own tiers for quantity pricing. Offering Quantity Discounts can help you as a seller to compete for big orders and increase your average order size. Learn more.

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