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Reporting inappropriate listings

When you see a listings that you think violates Amazon's listing policies or applicable laws, contact us at to file a report, so we can conduct an investigation. In your report, be sure to include:

  • ASIN information
  • The type of violation
  • The URL that contains the item
  • What action you want Amazon to take

We set up the dedicated e-mail address for filing a report, as part of our ongoing efforts to provide improved processes and systems to create a great shopping experience on Amazon. In March 2015, Amazon became a supporting member of the Safer Internet Association, an association that aims to eliminate illegal and harmful contents on the internet.

Amazon continues to work with our sellers to prevent listing violations, by rasing awareness of our policies and ensuring the safety and appropriateness of products offered on our website.

*For claims or inquiries regarding Intellectual Property right, please visit this Help page.

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