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Add Images to Rich Product Description Content


The Image-added to Product Description tool allows you to add images as product description, edit text in bold, italic, underline, and bullet point, and edit your product descriptions directly on the product detail page. Adding images as product descriptions helps describe the product features, makes the products more attractive, and retains the Buyers interest. Buyers will see the Image added to product description under product description field in the product page while shopping for the product.

How to

To add images into product description:

  1. Log in to Seller Central, and select Manage Inventory from the Inventory menu.
  2. In the Manage Inventory page, locate the ASIN to which you want to add Image-added Product Description and click the drop down by Edit at the right.
  3. Click Edit A+ content OR
  4. Log in to Seller Central and select Manage Product Introduction Content from the Inventory menu.
  5. The Add Rich Product Description page appears. This page is easy to follow and you can finish editing Image-added Product Description by following the instructions provided.

For FAQs about editing Image-added Product Description, please see the FAQ.

See also the Operation Guide (available in Japanese).

You can also access the Add Rich Product Description page by clicking here.


Product description is used to describe the product so please do not add any seller specific or time-sensitive information into either text or image of the description.

Generally, what can be added are:

  • Images that highlight the detail of products (very helpful to customers)
  • Feature, dimension, material, or ingredient of the product

What cannot be added are:

  • Seller-specific info (ex: URL to storefront, seller contact info, delivery info, etc.)
  • Price-related info (ex: free shipping, 10% off, 99 JPY, spring discount, etc.)
  • Time-sensitive info with no clear time frame (ex: latest model, first time, hot selling, winner, etc.)
    • If you need to add time-sensitive info, please indicate a clear time frame, such as "latest model in 2015 Summer"
  • Any HTML tags or any URLs
  • Images that are not related to products
  • Text in the images that is hard to read (too small, too blurry)
  • Information that violates any law, including "Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations" and related ministerial notification, or information that could lead to customer confusion when purchasing the product

Examples (in Japanese)

Sample screenshot

Add Images to Rich Product Description Content

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