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Process return requests

For return requests, you can take several actions on return requests in the Manage Returns tool.

Authorize request

Review the request and authorize the buyer to return the product to you. You can review multiple return requests at the same time by selecting the requests you'd like to review and then selecting "Authorize all selected returns" from the drop-down menu at the top of the Manage Returns page.

You will be prompted to either use the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number generated by Amazon or enter a custom RMA number of your own. RMA numbers will appear to the buyer on both the RMA and the Amazon-generated return label.

You will be prompted to choose a return address for returns that you manually authorize. You will have the option to use either one of your previously saved return addresses or to add a new return address.

For more information, see Return Addresses & Mailing Labels.

You will also have the option to use either an Amazon-generated return label, or upload your own custom return label. If Amazon generates the return label, the buyer receives a return label that includes your default return address, but is not prepaid.

Note: A return may be requested by a different account than the one which originally placed the order if the buyer belongs to a business group. When a business has multiple user accounts within a group, the group administrator may initiate returns on orders placed by any members of their group.

Complete or close request

There are a few situations in which you may complete or close a return request.

You can close return requests that are in a Pending Authorization status.

Pending authorization

Open return requests that require you to authorize the return will fall into Pending Authorization. You can close the request if you decide not to accept the return that is outside of Amazon return policies. For example, the return window has expired. You can also close the return request if you plan to provide a refund without requiring the product's return.

To close a return request:
  1. In Seller Central, select Orders, and then click Manage Returns.
  2. Under the Authorization required tab or the Pending Actions tab, filter by Pending Authorization, and select the return request you would like to close.
  3. Click Close Request, and provide a reason for closing the request.
  4. Click Close Request.

You may Complete authorized return requests that are in a Pending Refund status.

Pending Refund

Items in a Pending Refund status on the Manage Returns can be completed if the item was not returned by the buyer, if the return request was canceled by the buyer, or if the return is a duplicate request.

Return requests that are refunded in full are automatically completed. Return requests that were not processed within 50 days from return request creation (for example, if the return item is not sent back to you) will be closed automatically. If a partial refund was issued and there is no update after 30 days, such return requests will also be closed automatically. You can find completed return requests on the Completed tab on the Manage Returns page.

To complete a return request:
  1. In Seller Central, select Orders, and then click Manage Returns.
  2. Under the Pending Actions tab, select the return request you would like to complete.
  3. Click Complete, and provide a reason for completing the request.
  4. Click Complete Request.

Issue refund

You can issue a refund either after the product is returned or, if you are allowing the buyer to keep the product, immediately. If you want the product returned, we encourage you to wait until you receive it before issuing a refund, in order to evaluate its return condition.

For more information, see Things to consider before issuing a refund.

Contact buyer

Send the buyer an email to discuss the issue and work toward a resolution.

For more information on a specific return request, click Read return details & order history within the return request.

Reasons for out-of-policy returns

To close a return request, under Close Reason, select Solved a technical issue and enter the full reason in the Message to buyer field.

The following issues may apply for giving the reason Solved a technical issue.

  • Returns are not available if the product's information in the Amazon catalog is incorrect. Tell the buyer to contact Customer Service.
  • Returns are not available for items that are specified as non-returnable or non-replaceable in Amazon’s return policy.

Learn more about the category-specific return policies.

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