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Laser Pointers and Related Products

Amazon prohibits the sale of certain portable, handheld laser products.

The limitations for selling laser pointers and related products reflect buyer concern for product quality, product branding, and consumer safety. All listings of these products will be removed and Amazon may terminate your selling privileges for violations of this policy.

Examples of Permitted Listings

Note: All listings and products must comply with all laws and regulations. Please see Electrical Appliances and Electronic Devices.
  • Class 1 lasers, such as CD players
  • Class 1M lasers, such as DVD players
  • Class 2 lasers(i.e. less than 1mW), such as bar code scanners
Note: Even if the laser level is satisfied as the above, the sale of products identifying Examples of Prohibited Listings below is prohibited.
  • Non-handheld Class 3R lasers, such as
    • Laser light show projectors
    • Bore sights and gun sight lasers
Note: You must show the laser level on the detail page. All listings of these products without any of the laser levels will be removed.

Examples of Prohibited Listings

  • Portable, handheld laser products, such as:
    • Lasers pointers
    • Laser flares
    • Laser pens
    • Stylus pens with lasers
    • Pen-shaped laser products
    • Thin pen typed presentation remote controllers with integrated laser pointers
    • Toy laser pointers and similar products
    • Other laser products classified as Class 3R lasers or above
  • Laser products classified as Class 3B lasers, such as laser light show
  • Laser products classified as Class 4 lasers, such as industrial lasers
  • Portable Laser Devices as defined by the Consumer Products Safety Act without the applicable PSC mark

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