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Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Amazon limits the addition of new sellers in certain categories to ensure that customers are able to buy with confidence from all sellers on Amazon. The requirements for selling in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category reflect customer concerns about product quality, product branding, and consumer safety.

As a seller, you must meet the requirements listed below to sell products in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category. Please take the time to read this list of requirements and consult our Help pages if you have questions about specific policies. Once you have reviewed the category requirements, you can apply for approval by clicking the Request Approval button at the bottom of the page. Amazon reserves the right to review the quality of each of your products and listings, which may include checking whether products and listing data meet the requirements below. Please note that meeting the requirement stated in this policy does not guarantee that Amazon will approve your ability to sell in this category or your full proposed selection. Amazon may remove your selling privileges for failure to meet these requirements.

Seller requirements

  • Only Pro Merchants are eligible to submit a request approval.
  • Product code is required for listing if a manufacture's JAN code is already assigned. If not, there's no need to apply for product code exemption. See Category Product Code Requirement for more information.
  • All products must be new.
  • To list parallel import products, click hereto find out more information.
  • You must provide us with acceptable documentation (such as product invoices and certificates of analysis) and other information we request about the products you intend to sell. After you request approval to sell in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category, we will contact you with additional information.

Display of Information in accordance with the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and other applicable laws

All Sellers are required to provide necessary information in accordance with Act on Specified Transactions and other applicable laws.

See Display of Information in accordance with the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and other applicable laws help page for more details.

Listing parallel imports

Imported products (personal imports) that do not comply with the "Japan Food Sanitation Act" (including standards etc.), Food Labeling Act, and other laws or ministry guidelines are prohibited. This includes acting for personal imports or adopting a similar method for listing products that are restricted by laws or ministry guidelines (salt, rice, alcohol, livestock species, etc.), and shipping imported products directly to a buyer.

For more information of parallel import products, click here.

Product requirements

  • Food must be properly prepared, sealed, packaged, and labeled.
  • Food must be fully enclosed and sealed in packaging suitable for shipping. Shipping must ensure food quality and safety (for example, avoids spoilage, melting and damage).
  • Food that requires temperature control must be stored and shipped to the customer in a way that maintains the required temperature.
  • You must be properly licensed, permitted, registered, or otherwise approved by the applicable government agency for the products you intend to sell.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your products and business operations comply with applicable laws and regulations, even if not specifically described in our policies. For example, you are responsible for ensuring your products are manufactured under the authorized permit or license
  • Food must be sold in a “New” condition. Used listings are not permitted. For more information, see the Condition Guidelines.
  • Food must be shipped to the customer with an acceptable shelf life remaining; the expiration date cannot be removed or tampered with.
  • Food must include product labeling in Japanese that complies with applicable national and local laws and regulations.
  • For each product, a valid barcode (product identifier) registered and associated with the product is required.
  • Note: If the manufacturer of your product does not issue product identifiers (EAN, UPC or JAN), you can contact Seller Support to request an exemption. Or if you are the brand owner, apply for the Amazon Brand Registry to obtain GCIDs unique to your products.

Requirements for refrigerated food, frozen food, temperature-controlled food for quality or performance, and raw agricultural commodities

  • Refrigerated food, frozen food, and raw agricultural commodities must be fully enclosed and sealed in packaging suitable for shipping. Packaging must be designed to maintain safe product temperatures throughout delivery to the customer. Using a refrigerated and frozen carrier service for these products (for example, refrigerated trucks) meets these requirements; shipping at normal temperature of these products is prohibited.
  • Food that is temperature-controlled for quality and performance must follow temperature requirements that meet quality and performance standards.
  • Raw agricultural commodities that do not have an expiration date must base acceptable remaining shelf life on product quality standards for ripeness and absence of mold/pests/contamination.

General temperature requirements are provided below as reference, however you must determine safety and quality of your products depending on their nature.

Food type Conforming temperature
Fresh Meat -2° to 5°C
Fresh poultry
Fresh fish
Chilled 0 - 10°C
Frozen <(-15)°C
Tropical Produce 10 - 20°C
Chocolate <28°C

Product definitions

Expiration date

Amazon considers the "sell by," "use by," "best by," "best before," and "best if used by" date equivalent to an expiration date. Even though the product may be technically fit for consumption after any of the above dates, the customer experience is highly likely to get downgraded since the quality/expected delivery of benefits would decline.

Food (sometimes referred to as Food and Beverage)

Refers to food, beverages, nutritional, and dietary supplements and over-the-counter (non-prescription) drugs intended for human or pet consumption.

Raw agricultural commodity

Foods that are in the natural form in which they are grown

This includes fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and similar agricultural products. It does not include processed foods (for example, cooking, freezing, dehydrating, or milling). However, field and other agricultural practices such as washing, stripping outer leaves, waxing, and so on are not considered processing.

Temperature-controlled food for quality or performance

Poor temperature control results in lower quality or performance (for example, melted chocolate or a vitamin D supplement has decreased potency).

Product Listing Requirements

You must follow Amazon listing standards for any product sold on Amazon as well as comply with the standards specific to the Grocery & Gourmet Food category. For more guidance, see the Listing Guidelines for Food & Beverage

Amazon prohibits the listing of whale meat, whale meat processed products, dolphin meat, dolphin meat processed products, shark fin, shark fin processes products (excluding dietary suppliments) and other similar products.


An invoice or additional information is required for approval.

  • You will need to provide an invoice that has the purchase order of at least 30 units to prove continuous purchase or sales.
  • The application process for this category does not accept purchase orders or retail receipts.
  • Invoices issued by a retailer are not accepted (a retailer includes a home center, drugstore, supermarket, department store, and private shop).
  • Invoices from an online retailer are not accepted.

Amazon enforcement actions

Failure to meet performance targets, and food safety and quality standards can result in the following enforcement actions

  • If you repeatedly fail to meet requirements, you will not be allowed to sell your products on Amazon.
  • You must complete a root cause investigation request and take corrective actions to prevent reoccurrences.
  • Amazon may conduct periodic audits to ensure sufficient chill chain compliance.
  • Amazon may remove your listing.

Next step

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