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High-Volume Listing Fee

High-Volume Listing fee Overview

Beginning on February 1, 2015, we introduced High-Volume Listing Fee which will be applied to all sellers. This fee is applied to active non-media SKUs.

Fee Details

Monthly High-Volume Listing Fee is calculated based on the number of active non-media SKUs you offer for sale on The High-Volume Listing Fee will only apply if you exceed 2 million SKUs in a given month and it will be applied to your highest number of SKUs above 2 million at any time during that month. For each active non-media SKU over 2 million, a fee of 0.05 JPY per SKU will be applied. For example, if a total of 3 million active non-media SKUs were made available by you during the month, the fee applied for that month will be 50,000 JPY.

3,000,000 - 2,000,000 = 1,000,000 SKU

1,000,000 SKU × 0.05 JPY = 50,000 JPY

The fee will be calculated monthly and it will be shown in the next month’s Payments report. For instance, if you incur the fee during February 2015, you will see the charge for the High-Volume Listing Fee in your March 2015 statement.

Fees on this page is tax exclusive. Amazon charges sellers the consumption tax amounts for transactions with respect to the Selling on Amazon Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this policy apply to sellers who offer novelty products or similar products?

No. This High-Volume Listing Fee will be applied to all sellers who list non-media products on Amazon.

2. If I was previously assigned a SKU limit for novelty products, does my previous limit still apply?

No. Your SKU limit is now 2 million active non-media SKUs. You can list above this limit starting on February 1, 2015 and High-Volume Listing Fee will apply for sellers who have more than 2 million active non-media SKUs.

3. When will High-Volume Listing fee be assessed and where will I see it?

The High-Volume Listing Fee will be assessed monthly (for the previous calendar month) and it will be displayed in your Payments report in Seller Central.

4. How should I monitor my SKU count?

You can monitor your SKU count using data provided in the Business Reports section of your Seller Central account. The "By Date - Sales and Traffic" report includes an "Average Offer Count" column with your total active SKUs for each day. The count includes both media and non-media products. (Note: Media products include books, music, video, DVD, software, and video game products). To calculate the count for non-media SKUs and determine whether you will be subject to the High-Volume Listing Fee, subtract your media SKUs from the total in the report.

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