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2021 Fulfillment by Amazon fee changes summary (

This continues to be an incredibly challenging period for entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world, but you continue to meet the challenge and serve customers every day. In 2020, we opened 4 new buildings to support operations in Japan and grew our fulfillment and logistics network to efficiently get customers what they need.

We recognized the uncertainty the COVID-19 pandemic creates for small businesses, and in December, we made the decision to postpone our annual fee adjustments until the spring of 2021. Now, as we look ahead with vaccines currently being distributed and a path to return to normalcy, our next fee adjustment has been scheduled for June 16, 2021. While the costs to fulfill, transport, and deliver orders increased substantially, most referral fees will not change, and we are making only moderate increases to FBA fulfillment fees.

Please review the highlighted changes and corresponding Seller Central links below.

Fee change detail pages

For fee schedules, definitions, and examples for the 2021 selling fee changes, visit the pages below.

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