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Browse Nodes and Refinements


"Searches" are ranked by importance as the method when a buyer searches products on the Amazon Services site, and this attribute can be used when refining selections by product category classification and product.
Browse node and refinement are the items for specifying the attributes for this category classification and refinement.

Specifying the browse node enables the buyer to refine the target category. Specifying the refinement attribute enables the buyer to refine the target products from various search conditions.

(1) Browse node: Settings required to link to category lists displayed on the site.
(2) Refinement: Settings required to link to refined product searches of products displayed by category on the site.
(Refinement is disabled unless the browse node for the relevant category has been set. )

Note: Unless the browse node and refinements are set, targets will be exempt from refined searches, and exposure opportunities will be lost.

For successful examples by vendors who improved their product information and listing information, including browse nodes, see Fix Quality Alerts in Listings — Success Stories.
(These are vendors who improved order numbers, access numbers, and sales conspicuously as a result of improvements. )

Browse Node Types

There are two types of browse nodes: "Branch node" and "Leaf node".
(When registering a product, use leaf node, not branch node. )

(1) Branch node: A browse node of subcategories that excludes end nodes
(2) Leaf node: A browse node of end categories that are the terminus

Note: When registering products, make sure to use leaf nodes.
Branch nodes are not an end category, and so if they are used when adding products, product exposure will be limited, and sales might be affected.
Note: Select "Other (xxx)" leaf nodes in each category only if there is no suitable leaf node. Even if selected, this node will not be displayed in the "Manage Inventory" window, but the immediately preceding branch node will always be displayed instead. A "Quality Alerts in Listings" will be displayed, so select a suitable leaf node other than this node as far as possible.

Browse Nodes and Refinements Information

Refinements are linked to each browse node.
Consequently, unless a product is linked to the correct browse node, the refinements will also be disabled.

Furthermore, the settable refinements depend on the browse node.

Use the Browse Tree Guide to check the browse nodes and refinements that are usable in each category.

For the browse node and refinement settings methods, see Updating Browse Nodes and Refinements.

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