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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Amazon Partnered Carrier options

This page provides information on the Amazon Partnered Carrier options available to FBA sellers for domestic shipments. For questions about Amazon Partnered Carrier options, please contact Seller Support.

Amazon partnered SPD carrier

Note: Starting April 22, 2021, FBA Partnered Carrier Yamato option discount promotion has been launched and will end on March 31, 2022. Seller will receive a 15,000 JPY inbound discount per seller account with the FBA Partnered Carrier Yamato option for the first shipment during the promotional period. Visit 2021 FBA Partnered Carrier Yamato option discount promotion for more information about the promotion.

Amazon Partnered Carriers offer discounted rates for shipping products to domestic Amazon fulfillment centers, and the cost is billed to your account as an "Inbound Transportation Charge". When creating a shipment, you will see the option to select the Amazon-partnered carrier (Japan Post or Yamato) as your shipping carrier and a printable shipping label with required information will be provided to you.

Amazon-partnered carriers offer deeply discounted rates on shipments you ship from your site to our fulfillment center and the cost is billed to your account as an Inbound Transportation Charge. There is a 1 kg minimum charge for partnered carrier shipments. For shipments that weigh less than 1 kg, the minimum charge applies.

For Japan Post, visit the Japan Post home page to check the shipping charges to each fulfillment center.

For Yamato, you can see the estimated shipping charge in the Prepare shipment page when Yamato is selected for the partnered carrier.

*Shipment including dangerous goods (flammable liquids), supersize are not available for using Amazon-partnered carrier.

How to opt in for the Partnered Carrier Program

  1. When you are preparing your shipment to the fulfillment center via the shipment creation workflow (step Prepare shipment in the workflow), in the Delivery Service section you will see the option to use our partnered carrier (Japan Post or Yamato).
  2. Enter required details. Ensure to use correct information as the total size of the length, width and height of your parcel will be used to calculate the shipping charge for JP Post option. The weight has no impact on the charge but each parcel must not exceed 25 kg. For Yamato option, total of 3 sides and weight of your parcel will be used to calculate the shipping charge. Ensure to provide correct weight information and the weight of each parcel should be 25 kg or less.
  3. Once you enter the details of your shipment, click Calculate and you will receive an estimate for the shipping charges so you can decide if you wish to use our partnered carrier for that particular shipment.
  4. Before clicking Accept charges, carefully review the Amazon contractual terms and conditions for participation in the program, as well as the carrier terms and conditions. The shipping fee will be charged to your account once you accept the charge, however, you can cancel up to 24 hours (Japan Post) or 3 hours (Yamato) after approval of the charges. Amazon Partnered Carrier charges are summarized each month on your Settlement report as a single line item.
  5. Click Print shipping label. See the following section for more details about the waybill.
  6. Click Complete shipment.
  7. Prepare your shipment and affix the shipping label on the parcel. Give the delivery slip to the Japan Post staff or request for pick up by Yamato driver who will then process the shipment. You can request for Yamato pick-up by phone or from the Yamato website. Also, you can take your parcel to any Japan Post office or Yamato sales office in Japan.

Cancel an Amazon-Partnered Carrier Service shipment

You can cancel a Partnered Carrier shipment up to 24 hours (Japan Post) or 3 hours (Yamato) after having approved the estimated shipping charges. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In your seller account, go to Shipping Queue.
  2. Locate the shipment and click the Work on shipment button.
  3. Under the Delivery Service section, click Void Charges.
Important: Canceling the shipment does not cancel the inbound transportation fees for the Amazon Partnered Carrier Program. You must follow the steps above. If 24 hours (Japan Post) or 3 hours (Yamato) have passed since you approved the charges, you will not be able to cancel, so approve only if you actually ship the items. If you have unused shipping orders that have charged, see FBA shipping label reimbursement policy for detail.

Japan Post Waybill

A Japan Post waybill consists of two pages; a shipping label and a cash on delivery slip. Requirements for Japan Post waybills are as follows:

  • Use A4 size paper and print.
  • Give the delivery slip (the second page) to Japan Post to process shipment
  • When you have multiple parcels in one shipment, each parcel has to be labeled with a waybill for identification. Secure the delivery slip using scotch tape or light adhesive so they can be removed and transferred to a delivery slip envelope.

Yamato Waybill

A Yamato waybill is integrated with delivery information and FBA shipping label. Requirements for Yamato waybills are as follows:

  • Get A4 size stickered blank shipping label from Yamato, use the label and print.
  • Attach the printed waybill on your parcel.
  • When you have multiple parcels in one shipment, each parcel has to be labeled with a waybill for identification.

Notes on using Amazon Partnered Carrier Service

  • For inquires on Amazon Partnered Carrier service, contact Amazon Seller Support. Japan Post or Yamato will not be able to answer your inquiries regarding this service.
  • Ensure to enter correct shipping details, as the charges will be calculated based on the actual dimension of your parcel and the destination fulfillment center.
    Note: Frequent occurrence of data discrepancy may suspend your privilege to use Amazon-Partnered Carrier service.
  • Amazon Partnered Carrier service is not available for shipping from convenience stores.
  • Pickup service is available. You can also take your parcels to your local Japan Post office or Yamato sales office.
  • When you use Amazon Partnered Carrier, other discount offered by Japan Post such as drop-off special price will not be applied.
  • You cannot specify the date and time-zone of delivery to Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • Amazon Partnered Carrier services will be conducted in accordance with the Yu-pack (parcel) Terms of Use (Japanese) or TA-Q-BIN Terms of Use (Japanese).
  • Printed waybills must be used within one month of approving the charges.
  • Your waybills must be printed via your seller account.
  • Delivery status of your shipments can also be tracked by inquiry numbers at the Japan Post or Yamato home page.

Damage and Loss claims during shipment

Japan Post or Yamato will be responsible for any damage or loss incurred during transit to Amazon Fulfillment centers. Please consult the post office or Yamato sales office where you originally dropped off your parcel.

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS)

Amazon Partnered Carrier options are not yet available through Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS). We will make an announcement on the Seller Central homepage when it becomes available.

Amazon Partnered Carrier options

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