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FBA fulfillment fees (

The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fee is a per-unit fee, based on the dimensions and weight of the item. First, determine the product size tier (Small, Standard, Oversize, or Supersize). Once you know the product size tier, calculate the shipping weight and use the tables below to determine which fee will apply.

Note: You can use the FBA Revenue Calculator to estimate FBA fulfillment fees for specific items already listed on Amazon. It also gives you a real-time comparison between the FBA fees and the cost of fulfilling orders yourself.


Your item must meet the specifications for both dimension and weight for one unit.

Size tier Dimension* Weight Fulfillment fee per unit
Small 25cm x 18cm x 2.0cm or less 250g or less 288 JPY
Standard 1 35cm x 30cm x 3.3cm or less 1kg or less 318 JPY
2 60cm or less 2kg or less 434 JPY
3 80cm or less 5kg or less 514 JPY
4 100cm or less 9kg or less 603 JPY
Oversize 1 60cm or less 2kg or less 589 JPY
2 80cm or less 5kg or less 712 JPY
3 100cm or less 10kg or less 815 JPY
4 120cm or less 15kg or less 975 JPY
5 140cm or less 20kg or less 1,020 JPY
6 160cm or less 25kg or less 1,100 JPY
7 180cm or less 30kg or less 1,532 JPY
8 200cm or less 40kg or less 1,756 JPY
Supersize 1 200cm or less 50kg or less 2,755 JPY
2 220cm or less 3,573 JPY
3 240cm or less 4,496 JPY
4 260cm or less 5,625 JPY

Fees above include consumption tax of 10%.

*Dimension = the total of the length, width, and height of the packaged item.

**Please note that even if the destination fulfillment center (FC) is classified as for oversized products, Supersize fee will apply if the dimension of a product exceeds 200cm or if the shipping weight exceeds 40kg.

Examples of products

Small size

SD card

Dimensions: 19.4 × 11.8 × 0.3 (cm)

Unit weight: 0.01kg

Fulfillment fee (per unit) 288JPY
Standard Size-1

Digital thermo-hygrometer

Dimensions: 8.5 × 7.0 × 2.3 (cm)

Unit weight: 0.118kg

Fulfillment fee (per unit) 318JPY


Dimensions: 49.8 × 38.6 × 10.0 (cm)

Unit weight: 1.1kg

Fulfillment fee (per unit) 815JPY


Dimensions: 57.8 × 43.8 × 24.8 (cm)

Unit weight: 4.2kg

Fulfillment fee (per unit) 1,020JPY

Supersize restrictions

The following FBA functions and services are not eligible for supersize:

  1. Multi-channel fulfillment service (MCF)
  2. FBA Label Service
  3. FBA Prep Service
  4. Notification of product arrival at FC (notification when receiving begins and is completed will be sent as normal)
  5. Expiration Dated Inventory report

The following buyer services are not eligible for supersize:

  1. Scheduled delivery
  2. Installation service *
  3. Recycling (including recycling coupon issuing, collection, etc.) *

* These services are not handled by FBA regardless of size.

Note: Amazon continuously improves FBA service and aim to remove restrictions as much as possible. Amazon will notify when these become available.
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