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Frequently asked questions (Listing status, Promotion settings, Lead time)

I have changed my Listing Status to Inactive, but my products are still displayed on the product detail pages.

It may take up to one hour for the status to change after you edited the setting. Wait a while, and check again.

What happens to my Fulfillment by Amazon listings if I change the status to "Inactive"?

If you have any Fulfillment by Amazon listings, they will remain active on Amazon.

What is a promotion tracking ID?

A promotion tracking ID is a name of a promotion you create. You can use any name you like to help you identify the specific promotion, for example, "NEWYEAR-HOLIDAY-2013."

What is a claim code?

A claim code is a key that allows a discount or benefit to be applied to an order. This code is not used for changing status for Vacation, Holidays, and other absences.

I have created my promotion but it is not reflected on the product detail page.

Consider the following possible reasons:

  • Check your promotion Start Date in the Manage Your Promotion tab. The product page will not display the text before the start date you entered.
  • You are not eligible for Buy Box. The text will only display for sellers with Buy Box eligible status who win the Buy Box. If you have won the Buy Box but this option is not selected, the product detail page will not display any information about the promotion.
  • In the Additional Options section on Manage Your Promotion tab, check that the Customized text is selected and text is entered in the Detail page display text.

I have created a promotion, but I don’t see the change on the Review Promotion page.

You don’t see the change on the Review Promotion page before the promotion start date. You can use Search to review the detail of your promotion setting.

  1. On the Inventory drop-down menu, select Promotions and click Manage your promotions tab.
  2. To display the promotion you have just created, select Promotion Status and Pending Change , then click Search.

How can I modify aspects of my promotion after creation?

  1. On the Inventory drop-down menu, select Promotions and click Manage Your Promotions.
  2. Click the Tracking ID for the promotion you want to edit. (You may need to use Search).
  3. Click Edit for the section that contains information you would like to change.
  4. Click Next to save your changes.

Some of the promotion aspects cannot be modified. You have to end the existing promotion and create a new one.

Setting Number of Days from Order to Shipment (Lead Time)

Lead time is the number of days from the order to shipment. Your lead time is 1 to 2 business days in the default shipping settings, but you can change this in case you are unable to fulfill orders for any reason (going on holiday or vacation, etc.). Let your buyers know when the order is expected to be delivered.

Does the lead time include Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays?

The lead time is calculated only for business days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

How is the lead time displayed on the product detail page?

It will show as the Estimated delivery date. Click here for more details (Japanese).

For more information on listing status and leading time, see the following:

Help page: Settings for vacations, holidays, and other absences.

Seller University: Settings to configure before a long vacation (Japanese).

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