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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Shipping credits for individual sellers

  • This help page does not apply to sellers with Professional selling plans.
  • Sellers with Individual selling plans cannot update shipping charges.

When you ship an order, you will receive a standardized shipping credit.Amazon sets shipping charges based on the product category and the shipping method selected by the buyer, and then credits what the buyer was charged to your account.

All sellers are required to offer domestic delivery. For media products (Books, Music, Video and DVD), sellers may also elect to offer international delivery.

You must ship orders even if the shipping credit is less than your total shipping costs. For more information, go to Configure shipping rates & restrictions and Manage your inventory.

To customize shipping preferences, go to your Shipping Settings.

Domestic shipping credits

Amazon charges buyers the following rates for orders shipped within Japan. You receive a shipping credit in the same amount.

Category Standard (JPY)
Books 262
CD, Record 356
Videos 398
DVDs 356
Video Games 356
Software & Computer Games 356
Toys & Hobbies 524
Drugstore 524
Baby & Maternity 524
All other categories JPY 472 + JPY 53/Kg

Delivery is required even if the delivery amount credited to your seller account does not cover all delivery costs. Such discrepancies should be accounted for in the price you set for your item.

International shipping credits

Category Region1: Asia/Guam/Marshall Islands/Midway/Other Countries Region2: North America/Central America/Oceania/Europe Region3: Africa/South America
Books JPY 823 JPY 1,234 JPY 1,440
CD, Record JPY 617 JPY 823 JPY 926
Videos JPY 823 JPY 1,234 JPY 1,440
DVDs JPY 617 JPY 823 JPY 926
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