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Shipping overseas FAQ

What documentation do I need for shipping orders overseas?

You need an invoice for international shipping. In addition, you may be requested by the Customs office to provide a packing list for your shipment.

Which items are subjected to customs duties?

Customs policies vary from country to country. Contact your local customs office or visit the Japan Customs website for more information.

Who is responsible for customs duties and tax?

The price listed at Amazon is tax inclusive including custom duties and tax. Seller is responsible for the payment of the custom duties and tax at the shipment. In case the custom office contacted customers to handle the custom duties and tax, and customers contact seller for custom duties and tax related matters, seller should properly handle such contact from the customers.

How do I disable overseas shipping for an SKU?

Create a Shipping Template to exclude from international shipping and assign SKUs accordingly.

Can I assign different shipping settings per SKU to exclude from overseas shipping?

Create a new Shipping Template for international regions and domestic regions, and assign a set of SKUs accordingly.

Can I set Price Banded for domestic shipping and Item/Weight-Based for overseas shipping?

No, you cannot use Price Banded and Item/Weight-Based differently in domestic shipping and overseas shipping. For international sales, the shipping fee is calculated based on the size and weight of the parcel as well as its destination. Please consider these factors when you set the shipping charges. See "How do I add an extra charge to overseas shipping?" section below.

How do I add an extra charge to the current overseas shipping charge?

Create a Shipping Template with international shipping fee including extra charge and assign SKUs accordingly.

What about A-to-z Guarantee?

The A-to-z Guarantee program applies to orders shipped overseas, however, it does not cover the duties imposed for the import and export.

Convenience Store is included as a payment option, but how does it work overseas?

Convenience store/ATM/Internet banking /e-Money payment option is made available as some buyers may want to pay at a convenience store in Japan and have the order shipped to overseas. This option can also be selected when overseas buyers wish to pay online by internet banking.

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