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The registered image is not displayed

Did you submit the image recently?

It can take up to 24 hours after adding an image for it to appear on the website.

Are the product code, product title, and SKU entered correctly?

Check that the entered product code, title, and SKU are for the same product.

If a variation is set up for a product, ensure that images are submitted for both the parent and child product

When variations are created, product images have to be added to the parent and all the child products. On the product detail page, images of the child product will be displayed, but not the parent product. Images of parent products will be displayed when child product image is missing for some reason.

Is the product in stock?

For an image of a child product to be displayed correctly, there must be available stock. Check the stock availability of the product and ensure that the value is not set to zero.

Do they meet Amazon image guidelines?

Review all image requirements before uploading an image to your listing. Added images will be removed from the site if they did not meet the Amazon technical and quality image standards.

Main images must show the entire product on a pure white background (RGB values of 255,255,255), and must not include a landscape, graphic or illustration, or text that is not part of the product. If necessary, use a software to make the background pure white and shadowless. (There are exceptions in some product categories. Visit this help page for listing guideline per product category.

Get to know the product detail page

The image displayed in a product detail page may not be yours. This is because a product detail page is a shared space where anyone listing an offer for the product can contribute to the product detail page, but Amazon determines which information to display for shoppers. However, you have control over the attributes for your offer including price, shipping option, inventory, and more.

Does the image size meet the requirements for zoom function?

To enable the zoom function on the website, the minimum size requirement for images is 1000 pixels or larger. Ensure that all of your images meet this requirement to use the zoom function. For clothes, fashion & accessories, shoes & bags, watches, and jewelry, it is recommended that the longest side of the images to be at least 1001 pixels (for the zoom function use).

Are they swatch images?

Swatches are thumbnail images used to show different available colors, or close-up of fabric or materials when color variation is created. They must exist for all child SKUs and must show only the color or fabric of the specific color/product being sold.

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