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This article applies to selling in: Japan

The "Urgent Help Needed" Option

The Contact Seller Support form has an Urgent Help Needed option that enables you to identify business critical issues that have a significant impact on buyers or your business.

Cases that are marked "Urgent Help Needed" will be prioritized ahead of regular non-urgent cases.

Here are some examples of when to use this option:

  1. You have pricing errors and are unable to correct them yourself.
  2. Your pricing updates are not taking effect 24 hours after updating them.
  3. Your account has been compromised.
  4. Your uploaded feeds or product listings are not reflected 24 hours after uploading them.
  5. You have an issue related to receiving disbursements.
  6. You have an issue with your brand registered ASIN.

Please exercise discretion and only mark cases as "Urgent Help Needed" when expedited resolution is critical to buyers or your business.

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