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Set your return preferences

You can customize return options using the Return Settings page. On this page, you will find three tabs:

  1. General Settings

    In the General Settings tab, you can set your preferences for e-mail notifications for return requests that you need to manually authorize and set return preferences. When you check the Mail Format checkbox, a one-click link will be added to an email that enables you to authorize or close return requests, or contact the buyer. However, please note that the recipient will be different.

    • Unchecked: Copies of sent messages are sent to the email address registered to your Seller Account.
    • If checked, they will be sent to the email address you specified for Order Notifications in Notification Preferences.

    Professional Sellers can manage your return instructions.

    Note: Return instructions are shown to the customer when they create a return request.
    Examples of such instructions are:
    • "Remember to delete any personal information from the device before returning."
    • "Make sure to include all components of the product, including …."
    • "If you are having issues with the item and would prefer product level support instead of proceeding with the return, feel free to contact us.”
  2. Returnless Refund

    In the Returnless Refund tab, you can implement automated refunds for items which you do not want customers to return. This feature can be activated either on a rule level or for specific SKUs. To learn more, go to the Returnless Refunds page.

  3. Return Address Settings

    In the Return Address Settings tab, you can configure return addresses for each of the marketplaces in which you offer listings. For details, go to Set your default return address .

Set your return preferences

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