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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Premium Placement service

Termination of the Premium Placement service

Note: From March 27, 2018, we will close the Premium Placement service application window, and from May 9, 2018, we will accordingly terminate the Premium Placement service for all sellers who opt in the service.

Premium Placement Form to opt in and out

You can request to opt in and out of this service or change Fulfillment Center (FC) using the links below. Allow two weeks for the changes to get updated.

Destination Fulfillment Center

Amazon assigns the destination FC automatically at the time of creating a shipment, based on balancing the distribution of customer’s demand and inventory at each FC. As a result, some destination FCs may be different at every shipment event. Additionally, by holding inventory at multiple FCs, the risk of being delivered late due to natural disaster such as typhoons or heavy snow is mitigated. An FC can be fixed in cases where shipping to a different FC every time would be difficult, such as because shipping is from overseas or shipping products using a charter vehicle. Where it is preferred that products are shipped to the same FC, please use the Premium Placement Service.

Premium Placement Service fees

This service is optional, and fees will not be charged unless you start using it or if you opt out from the service.

Note: Sellers were notified by Amazon that the Premium Placement fees will be charged from October 21, 2015. However, charging (i.e., invoicing) the fees to the applicable seller accounts is being delayed due to technical issues. We will provide further updates and charge Premium Placement fees as soon as the technical issues are fixed.
*The below fees include the Consumption Tax.
Size Media Non-Media Oversize
Small Standard Small Standard Oversize 1 Oversize 2 Oversize 3 Special Large
100cm or less Over 100cm Under 140cm Over 140cm Under 170cm Over 170cm Under 200cm (Longest side Under 90cm)
Fee Per Unit 5 JPY 8 JPY 5 JPY 8 JPY 9 JPY

How to request or opt out from the Premium Placement Service

For Small/Standard sized products, and oversized products, please select a fulfillment center from the following. Once the products are shipped to the designated fulfillment centers, we may move the units among our facilities. We may modify the terms and conditions that apply to the Premium Placement Program or terminate the program at any time in accordance with the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

Note: Fujiidera FC(KIX4) and Hachioji FC(HND8) are not available Premium Placement Service.
Product type FC Alcohol Brand-neutral box
Small/Standard sized products Odawara FC (FSZ1) No Yes
Ichikawa FC (NRT1) Yes Yes
Tajimi FC (NGO2) Yes Yes
Sakai FC (KIX1) Yes Yes
Oversized products Kawajima FC (HND3) Yes Yes
Yachiyo FC (NRT2) Yes Yes
Daito FC (KIX2) Yes Yes
Note: Products in the following categories may be directed to different fulfillment centers even if you use the Premium Placement Service. In cases when destinations FC where you don’t select and send your shipments to the FCs, the Premium Placement fee will not be charged. Kawagoe FC (NRT5) is available as a destination FC of the Premium Placement Service for Fashion products, however, Fujiidera FC (KIX4) is not available for the Fashion Premium Placement Service.
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Watch
  • Products with special prep or handling requirements (for example, certain items classified as hazardous materials)

For inbound shipments from outside Japan

If you opt out from the service, the Premium Placement fee will not be charged. Please note that unless you have an entity in Japan that can act as your importer of record, you will need an Attorney for the Customs Procedures (ACP) that can support your FBA shipments to various destination FCs. For more information on ACP, watch this video and read the guidance (pdf).

By unfixing your destination FC, please be advised that you will need an ACP in each region where destination FCs are located. If you already have an appointed ACP, please confirm which regions they handle and take action accordingly. You can find a list of service providers here that can act as an ACP and support your FBA shipments (see "FBA shipment support column" on the list).

Note: When you use the above service providers, all of the contract for the service such as “Terms and Conditions” shall be exchanged between the service providers and the exhibitor. By introducing this service, Amazon does not provide any guarantee or assume responsibility for service providers. In addition to this, the Amazon technical support does not provide any support for the service. Please contact the service providers directly for any queries.
Table 1. Amazon Fulfillment Center (FC) Information
Name Code Name Address
Amazon Kawagoe FC (Amazon 川越 FC) NRT5 1-10-15 Minamidai Kawagoe-shi, Saitama, 350-1182 ( 埼玉県川越市南台 1-10-15)
Amazon Kawajima FC (Amazon 川島 FC) HND3 2F 2-1-1 Kawajima Kawajimamachi Hiki-gun, Saitama, 350-0195 ( 埼玉県比企郡川島町かわじま 2-1-1 2F)
Amazon Sakai FC (Amazon 堺 FC) KIX1 138-7 Chikkouyawatamachi Sakai-ku Sakai-shi, Osaka, 590-8589 ( 大阪府堺市堺区築港八幡町 138-7)
Amazon Daito FC (Amazon 大東 FC) KIX2 2-1-1 Midorigaoka Daito-shi, Osaka, 574-8531 ( 大阪府大東市緑が丘 2-1-1)
Amazon Odawara FC (Amazon 小田原 FC) FSZ1 4-5-1 Ogicho Odawara-shi, Kanagawa, 250-8560 ( 神奈川県小田原市扇町 4-5-1)
Amazon Ichikawa FC (Amazon 市川 FC) NRT1 2-13-1 Shiohama Ichikawa-shi, Chiba, 272-0193 ( 千葉県市川市塩浜 2-13-1)
Amazon Yachiyo FC (Amazon 八千代 FC) NRT2 2036 Kamitakano, Yachiyo-shi, Chiba, 276-8525 ( 千葉県八千代市上高野 2036)
Amazon Tajimi FC (Amazon 多治見 FC) NGO2 10-6 Asahigaoka, Tajimi-shi, Gifu, 507-8585 ( 岐阜県多治見市旭ヶ丘 10-6)

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