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FBA return and disposal fees

Removal fees are charged per item removed. Typically, removal orders are fulfilled within 10 to 14 business days. However, removal order processing may take up to 30 days or more during the holiday season (October, November, and December) and peak removal periods.

For more information, go to Remove inventory (overview).

Program specifics: The details, calculations, or rates for this fee vary if enrolled in the following programs. Visit the program-specific help page for more information.

FBA New Selection program

Fee details

Time of charge When removal order is complete
Fee structure Per unit removed. Rate based on unit shipping weight.

Values used to calculate fee

Product size tier Product size tiers are measurement categories based on the unit weight, product dimensions, and dimensional weight of a packaged item. Learn how to determine your product-size tier, or use the Monthly Storage Fees report to see the size tier information for products you have previously stored in FBA.

Removal order fees

FBA return and disposal fees, per unit
Size Weight Fee
Small and Standard 0-200g 30 JPY per unit
201-500g 45 JPY per unit
501-1,000g 60 JPY per unit
1001g + 100 JPY per unit + 40 JPY/1,000g above the first 1,000g*
Oversize and Supersize 0-500g 80 JPY per unit
501-1,000g 110 JPY per unit
1,001-2,000g 140 JPY per unit
2,001-5,000g 200 JPY per unit
5001g + 350 JPY per unit + 40 JPY/1,000g above the first 5,000g*

Fees above include consumption tax of 10%

*Fees are charged for each 1g above the first 1,000g (Small and Standard) or 5,000g (Oversize and Supersize). For example, if a Small size item weighs 1,500g, then the charge equals 120 JPY (that is 100 JPY + 40 JPY/1000g * 500g).

Fee examples

Product Shipping weight Size tier Removal fee
Book 200g Standard size 30 JPY per unit
Dumbbells 5,500g Oversize and Supersize size 370 JPY per unit

Removal order transactions

You are charged for the removal after the inventory has been delivered or disposed of. Removal transactions appear in the Payments report.

To view these transactions:
  1. On the Transaction View tab of the Payments report, select Service Fees from the drop-down menu and the desired date range from the Within drop-down menu. Click Update.
  2. Under Product Details, locate transactions labeled FBA Removal Order. The Date column displays the date that your removal order was processed. The Amazon fees column displays the amount you were charged for that line item.
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