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Special Referral Fee

Referral fee percentage applicable to some sub-categories

Only for products under the Category Home & Garden and the sub-category Water Filter, Water-Purifying Units, and Home Electronics, the standard referral fee percentage is changed to 10%.

Only for products under the Category Office Products and the subcategory Electronic Dictionaries and Electronic Dictionary Accessories, the standard referral fee percentage is changed to 8%.

Only for products under the Category Video Games and the sub-category Game Consoles, the standard referral fee percentage is changed to 8%.

Only for products under the Category Food & Beverage/Alcohol and subcategory Beer, Low-Malt Beer, the standard referral fee percentage is changed to 6.5%.

Product category Sub category Applicable referral fee percentage (%)
Home & Garden Kitchen & Tableware/Water Filter, Water-Purifying Units, Home Electronics 10 1
Office Products Office Equipment/Electronic Dictionaries, Office Equipment/Electronic Dictionary Accessories 8
Video Games Game Consoles 8 2
Food & Beverage Beer, Low-Malt Beer 6.5

1For the above new referral fee percentage to be applied, the product classification is required to match the lowest level browse node (leaf node) under the following sub-categories.

  • Home & Garden/Kitchen & Tableware/Water Filter, Water-Purifying Units
  • Home & Garden/Home Electronics (excluding air conditioning and seasonal appliances)
  • Office Equipment/Electronic Dictionaries
  • Office Equipment/Electronic Dictionary Accessories

2Old-model gaming consoles need to match Games/By Model/Other Models/Other Game Consoles. This node is specifically used for referral fee calculation, so in addition to the above, the products need to match the applicable node under Consoles or peripherals by model. (Example: When you add a GameCube console, refer to the browse tree guides and match the product to /Games/By Model/Other Models/Game Cube/Consoles, Peripherals, in addition to the node specified above.

  • Games/By Model/PlayStation 2/Game Consoles
  • Games/By Model/PlayStation 3/Game Consoles
  • Games/By Model/PSP/Game Consoles
  • Games/By Model/Xbox 360/Game Consoles
  • Games/By Model/Wii/Game Consoles
  • Games/By Model/Nintendo DS/Game Consoles
  • Games/By Model/Nintendo 3DS/Game Consoles
  • Games/By Model/PS VITA/Game Consoles
  • Games/By Model/Wii U/Game Consoles
  • Games/By Model/Other Models/Other Game Consoles

Refer to the Browse Tree Guides (BTGs) for details about browse nodes and leaf nodes. If we find that a product is matched to an incorrect browse node (leaf node), we may remove the entry under that browse node. Note that if you matched a product to an incorrect browse node (leaf node) intentionally, we may limit your product listings. (Refer to Browse Tree Guides for how to classify products.)

The standard referral fee percentage is applied to all products other than the above products.

The above time limited special referral fee percentage is subject to change or discontinuation by Amazon.

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