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Item Package Quantiry (IPQ) for bundled products

For most products listed on Amazon, a multi-pack listing is only allowed for a manufacturer-created pack with its own unique JAN/UPC/EAN code. You must enter an Item Package Quantity (IPQ) for these products and indicate the package quantity/set quantity/box quantity in the product title. See Listing Guideline for each category in this page.


There are different JAN/UPC/EANs for a single unit and a pack with multiples of that unit. If you create a multi-pack that is not sold by the manufacturer, verify if an ASIN for the multi-pack already exists. If it does exist, match to it accordingly. If the ASIN for the multi-pack doesn't already exist, you must create a new ASIN using its own unique JAN/UPC/EAN. The examples below illustrate the importance of JAN/UPC/EAN and IPQ for multi-packs. Non-manufacturer-created multi-pack ASINs cannot be listed as variations of a manufacturer-created multi-pack ASIN. You must either match to an identical multi-pack product detail page or create a new ASIN with a unique JAN/UPC/EAN.

If you set the Item Package Quantity (IPQ), an ASIN will be created in accordance with the number entered in the field. As the number of ASINs that can be created for one JAN is limited to a maximum of 10 ASINs, please ensure that you register in accordance with these rules.

  • KOKUYO KB Paper (FSC Certified)(64g) A4 500 paper 1 box: item-package-quantity =1
  • KOKUYO KB Paper (FSC Certified)(64g) A4 500 paper 8 boxes: item-package-quantity =8
  • Calbee Potato Chips Consomme Punch 60 g: item-package-quantity =1
  • Calbee Potato Chips Consomme Punch 60 g x12 packs: item-package-quantity =12

How to set up IPQ for a product

Inventory File Template

If you are selling multi-pack listing as a variation, see “How do I combine two ASINs into one variation family?” in this page.

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