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Convenience Store Payment Settings

You can use Convenience Store Payment (payment using Convenience Stores, ATMs, Net Banking, or e-Money) as a payment method option for buyers.

Note: Before activating the Convenience Store Payment feature, please refer to the following points.

Convenience Store Payment Service Terms of Use

  1. Buyers must pay for Convenience Store Payment orders within 6 days of submitting the order. The item remains in pending status for 6 days.
  2. If a Convenience Store Payment order is canceled or one of its items is returned, the product charge is refunded to the buyer via Amazon Gift Cards.
  3. For this reason, you are required to avoid order cancellations due to a fault of your own, such as being out of stock.
  4. We do not disclose the payment methods selected by buyers (credit card, Amazon Gift Card, Amazon Points, or convenience store payment) to sellers.
  5. If you activate the Convenience Store Payment feature, "Excluded payment method (optional-payment-type-exclusion)" is displayed in the last column of the Active Listings Report and Open Listings Report.
  6. Please note that a specified shipping address is displayed instead of a buyer's information in the following columns in the Order Report.
    • buyer-name (Buyer's name)
    • buyer-phone-number (Buyer's phone number)
  7. You can deactivate the Convenience Store Payment feature for specific SKUs.

Enabling Convenience Store Payment

Please refer to the following help pages for details on managing orders and important notes:

Please refer to the following customer help page about paying using Convenience Stores, ATMs, Net Banking, or e-Money:

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