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Download a pending order report


Pending order report is a tab-delimited text file report showing orders with a status of Pending. The orders listed in this report may be in the process of payment authorization and still need to be shipped to the buyers as soon as the payment is confirmed. The report becomes particularly useful if your Amazon inventory is shared with other selling channels, as you can secure the inventory based on the information in the report.

Download and request a pending order report

Pending Order Report can be requested and downloaded as follows:

Request a pending order report

  1. In your Seller account, click Order Report on the Orders tab. The Order Reports page will appear.
  2. Click Pending Orders.
  3. In the Request Report section, click Request.
  4. A message, “Your request to generate an Order Report is being processed.” with a green checkmark will appear .

Download a pending order report

  1. On the Order Reports page, click Refresh underDownload Report section.
  2. When Report Status is Ready, click Download
  3. A dialog box will ask you how to process the file. Specify a program to open or directory to save the file, following the instruction of the dialog box.

How to read a pending order report

Pending order report can be opened in spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or in database such as Microsoft Access. This report displays orders in pending status at point the report was requested.

Note: Pending Order Reports do not include order information such as the buyer's name and shipping address. This information will be viewable on the Manage Orders page or will be included in the Order Reports/Unshipped Order Report once the order is confirmed.

Filed name, definition, and examples of pending order reports

Field name Definition Example
order-id Order ID. Amazon's unique identifying number for the order. A 19 digit number separated by dashes (-) consisting of three digits, seven digits, and then another seven digits. 058-3563777-5518068
order-item-id Amazon's unique identifying number for the item in an order. A 14 digit number that is different to the ASIN. It also has no relation to the sequence in which orders were received. 05813563777345
purchase-date The date the item was ordered. A string of up to 25 digits. Sellers must ship the items within two business days of the order date. 2009/07/01 11:04:27 JST
sku The unique identifier for the product specified by you. sku123
product-name The simple name of the item. Displayed in bold on the Amazon site and displayed in the title bar of the browser window. Snowboard
quantity-purchased The quantity of the item ordered. 1
payment-type All payment types including convenience stores, Cash on Delivery, credit card or gift card. Order where the payment has not been confirmed are displayed as Unknown. Unknown

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