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Packaging apparel, fabric, and textiles

Following the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) product packaging guidelines can limit damage to your products, help make shipping costs more predictable, and help ensure the best buyer experience.

Cloth, fabric and textiles can be damaged by dust or humidity. These products should be packaged so they are not damaged during receipt, stocking, shipment preparation, or shipment to the buyer. Place units in a sealed poly bag, shrink wrap or box.

When poly bags are used, seal the bag after completely covering the Unit, including the handle if applicable. Units with a cut, tear, or hole on the bag will be rejected at our fulfillment centers.

Note: Amazon may re-fold and re-measure some apparel items in order to ship them to customers in an appropriately sized box. The re-folded and re-measured item may differ in size from when you shipped it to Amazon.

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Packaging guidelines

Do... Do not...
Place individual units of apparel and products made of fabric or textiles along with transparent sealed bags or shrink wrap.

Use boxes for textiles, such as leather, that could be damaged by bags or shrink wrap.

Ensure the product has a scannable label visible after bagging. Cover the pre-existing barcode or it will not be accepted at our fulfillment centers.

Package footwear with no shoe material exposed, either in shoe boxes or bagged in a poly bag.

Allow bag or shrink wrap to protrude more than 7.5 cm past the dimensions of the product.

Send in unmatched singles or groups of shoes without secured shoe box or poly bag packaging.

Show multiple scannable barcodes.

Include hangers, except for apparel products. Click here for more information (Japanese).

Permitted packaging materials

  • Poly bags and shrink wrap
  • Labels
  • Cardboard footprints
  • Boxes

Examples of prepped units

Not permitted: The textile is exposed to dust, dirt, and damage.

Permitted:The textile is in a sealed bag.

Not permitted: The textile is exposed to dust, dirt, and damage.

Permitted:The textile is in a sealed bag.

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