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Buyer's Payment Method


Buyers can make a payment using Convenience Stores, ATMs, Net Banking, e-Money, Mobile carrier billing, Pay Later (Paidy), or PayPay in addition to credit cards, Amazon Gift Cards, and Amazon Points.See following Help & Customer Service topics for more details on each payment option.

Redeem a Gift Card

How to Use Amazon Points

About Convenience store / ATM / Internet banking / e-Money payment

About Mobile carrier billing

About Pay Later (Paidy)

About PayPay

Manage Payment and Orders

When a buyer selects to pay by credit card, Amazon Gift Card, Amazon Points, Mobile carrier billing, or Pay Later (Paidy), the amount is charged when the shipment is confirmed by the seller. For Convenience Stores, ATMs, Net Banking, e-Money payment, or PayPay option, the buyer makes payment prior to the shipment is confirmed, therefore, the order remains in Pending status until the payment process is complete. After Amazon confirms the payment, the seller can refer to the order detail information including the buyer's shipping address.

Pending Orders

For pending orders, start shipping process only after the payment is confirmed. Sellers are required to check orders frequently on the Manage Orders page to avoid inventory stock outs .

You can check pending orders on the Manage Orders page by following these steps:

  1. From ORDERS pull-down menu, select Manage Orders
  2. Click Pending.
  3. Check the Order Status field to see if there's any order with Pending status. For orders in Pending status, you cannot see the shipping address or other information on the Order Details page until the payment is confirmed.

Cancel Pending Orders

Sellers can cancel a pending order if ordered item becomes out of stock while in Pending status. For canceled pending orders, you don't have to issue a refund to the buyer as the buyer has never been charged for the order. To cancel a pending order, follow these steps.

  1. From ORDERS pull-down menu, select Manage Orders
  2. Click Pending, and identify a target order that Order Status is Pending
  3. Click Cancel order in the Action field
  4. Select a reason code for Cancellation and click Cancel Order
  5. An email is sent to the buyer from Amazon to notify that order is canceled

Manage Refund

If an order cancellation is initiated by the seller and the buyer has already made a payment using Convenience Store, ATM, Net Banking, or e-Money option, Amazon will refund the amount to the buyer in the form of an Amazon Gift Card, bank transfer, or a combination of both. When the refund process is complete, Amazon will send an email to the buyer providing the Gift Certificate ID code. If the buyer made the payment using the Amazon Points, the equivalent amount will be returned to the buyer’s account. Cash refund through Convenience Store or banking institutions is not available. Refund administration fee will be charged to the buyer if the order is canceled after shipping is confirmed.

In order to avoid order cancellation/refund due to inventory shortage, try to keep your inventory up to date at all times and check your incoming orders periodically.

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