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Upload inventory using the Listing Loader

The Listing Loader is a template for uploading your inventory on Amazon for products that already exist in the Amazon catalog. The Listing Loader is similar to the Inventory Loader.

Download the Listing Loader template.

Listing Loader features

The Listing Loader enables you to provide listing attributes without product attributes, which are required when using inventory file uploads. The Inventory Loader is recommended as the standard for matching and updates, but you may want to use the features of the new Listing Loader instead.

Listing Loader provides the following functionality:

  • Match products in all categories you are eligible to sell using a single template.
  • Match based on standard product-id alone reducing data required to list on Amazon.
  • Upload directly to Amazon from Excel, saving you time.

Eligible categories

For basic matching in all product categories, you can use either the Listing Loader or Inventory Loader. The Listing Loader will allow sellers to enter information for non-BMVD products, with optional fields such as sale-start-date and is-gift-wrap-available. The Listing Loader does not have fields for sellers to enter BMVD product shipping settings.

We recommend the Inventory Loader if your inventory includes BMVD Products. In cases where multiple matches are found for a product, however, the Listing Loader may help you resolve this issue more easily.

Upload inventory using the Listing Loader

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