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Cancel an order or multiple orders

You can cancel any unshipped order from your Manage orders page. After you cancel an order, Amazon will send an order cancellation email to the buyer.

Cancel one order

  1. On the Manage Orders page, locate the order you want to cancel.
  2. Click Cancel Order in the Action column.
  3. On the Cancel Order page, select a Reason for Cancellation. You may also enter any information you want to keep track of in the Seller memo field.
  4. Click Submit.

Cancel multiple orders

You can also cancel multiple orders using one of the following techniques:

Note: We expect sellers to maintain accurate inventory levels. Failure to adjust your inventory in a timely manner can lead to excessive pre-fulfillment order cancellations. For information on how we factor cancelled orders into your overall performance, see Customer Metrics.
Note: For the orders cancelled before shipping using Order Cancellation File, the inventory level may change depending on the reason code entered.

If the reason code is one of the following, the same quantity of the products as the cancelled order will be added back to your inventory.

  • "BuyerCanceled"
  • "ShippingAddressUndeliverable"
  • "GeneralAdjustment"
  • "PricingError"

Partial refunds

Important: You must be an Amazon MWS developer in order to send a Feeds request.

Occasionally, you may need to cancel part of an order with multiple items and refund the items that are cancelled. If you manage your orders using inventory files, you can upload an Order Adjustment or Partial Cancellation feed.

To cancel or refund part of a multi-item order, follow these steps:

  1. Ship and confirm all the order items that you can fulfill.
  2. Use an Order Adjustment or Partial Cancellation feed to submit a refund for the order items that you cannot fulfill. Provide the following information in the feed:
    • Quantity Cancelled: The quantity that cannot be fulfilled.
    • Adjustment Reason: The refund code. Select either NoInventory or CustomerCancel.

Canceling pending orders

You can cancel the pending orders as well as the order that has not yet shipped.

  1. Select a search filter, Order status > Pending > Date range , from the drop-down list to search the pending orders.
  2. Select the pending order to cancel and click Cancel Order button.

    Cancel Order Page is displayed.

  3. Choose the reason of canceling, click Send button.

    Amazon will send an order cancellation e-mail to your customer.

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