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How to confirm a shipment

After you receive an order notification and ship the order, you must confirm shipment of the order.

To confirm shipment, you will need:

  • Ship date
  • Shipping method (including the carrier information)
  • Tracking ID (supplied by the carrier)

After you confirm shipment, we do the following:

  • Charge the buyer for the order.
  • Credit your seller account for the order.
  • Send a shipping confirmation email to the buyer.
  • Update the buyer's Amazon account with the shipping information. The buyer can then see the status online.

Note: If you do not confirm shipment of an order within 30 days of the order date, we will automatically cancel the order. We will not charge the buyer, even if you already shipped the order.

Confirm an individual shipment for one order

  1. Locate the order in Manage Orders and click Confirm Shipment in the Action column for the order.
  2. On the Confirm Shipment page, enter the Ship Date, Shipping Method (including the carrier information), and the Tracking ID (supplied by the carrier).
  3. Enter any special notes about the order in the Seller memo field (optional). This is for your reference only.
  4. Click Confirm Shipment.

Send multiple shipments for one order

You can use Manage Orders to confirm shipment of multiple packages for one order. You also can confirm multiple packages and shipments. For more information, see Confirming Multiple Shipments with Feeds.

  1. After you confirm shipment for one package of an order, at the bottom of the Confirm Shipments page, click Add a Package.
  2. From the Items in Package drop-down menu, select the correct number of items in that package. The remaining items are automatically moved to the other package.
  3. Enter the Ship Date, Shipping Method (including the carrier information), and the Tracking ID (supplied by the carrier) for the order.
  4. Enter any special notes about the order in the Seller memo field (optional). This is for your reference only.
  5. Click Confirm Shipment.
  • The Confirm Shipment button will not appear on orders that qualify for Prime shipping. You must use Buy Shipping Services for these orders.
  • If you make a mistake entering information, such as the tracking ID, you can edit the shipment. In Manage Orders, click Edit shipments next to the order, click the Edit shipment button at the top right, and then click Re-Confirm Shipment.
  • If you receive an order for multiple items and send them individually, the customer will be charged immediately after the first order, even if the items are shipped in multiple deliveries.
  • If you deliver an order by hand, you can choose Other as the carrier.
  • Ship confirmation: Ship Confirmation should be sent to Amazon within 4 hours from pick-up by the carriers. If the Ship Confirmation is sent after 4 hours, the system integration between Amazon and the carriers may not succeed and it may result in non-trackability. Sending Ship Confirmation on time is critical to improve customer satisfaction. If you find it necessary to revise or update shipping information after sending Ship Confirmation, please wait more than 5 minutes from the initial entry so that the system can capture the updated information.
  • Tracking ID entry: As a rule, please enter one tracking ID per order ID. If you ship multiple orders as one shipment, please enter the tracking ID for one order ID and leave the other order ID fields empty. (Entering the same tracking ID for multiple orders will be flagged in Amazon system as invalid.) If you ship one order as multiple shipments, please enter the tracking ID for one of your products. If you ship products on a different date, please enter the tracking ID for your final shipment.
  • We do not recommend confirming shipments without tracking numbers. You're required to provide valid tracking numbers for 95% of shipments in all categories. Tracking is also required to qualify for exclusive programs, including Premium Shipping options and guaranteed delivery date. Without a valid tracking number, you're more vulnerable to an A-to-z Guarantee claim.
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