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This article applies to selling in: Japan

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Important: All listings and products must comply with all laws and regulations.

Examples of permitted listings

  • Properly prepared and sealed foods and beverages that have the Food Sanitation Act and other laws and regulations, administrative interpretations and guidelines required-labeling and packaging. Products need to be stored and shipped appropriately to protect the quality and safety of the food, to avoid spoilage, melting, damage, and so on.

Examples of prohibited listings

  • Imported products that do not comply with the Food Sanitation Act (including Food labeling standards, etc.) and other laws such as Food Labeling Act, Act for JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard), Health Promoting Act, Measurement Act, Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations Act, or ministry guidelines are prohibited. This includes acting for personal imports or adopting a similar method for listing products that are restricted by laws or ministry guidelines (salt, rice, alcohol, livestock species, supplements contain pharmaceutical ingredients, etc).
  • Short-shelf life food and beverage products, and products that can be spoiled or extremely altered in quality during storage and transport. Products that may burst or explode due to change in properties during storage and transport, such as Miso with air-vent packaging.
  • Products manufactured without the authorized license or permit. Alcoholic beverages from sellers with no authorized license for sale of alcoholic products, or any products that do not comply with the Liquor Tax Act or other regulations and ministry guidelines.
  • Expired products.
  • Products that will be expired when they reach the customer
  • prohibits the listing of whale meat, whale meat processed products, dolphin meat, dolphin meat processed products, and other similar products.
  • If any designated beef is offered for sale at, the Beef Traceability Act requires that the cattle ID number or lot number be indicated on the designated beef or its container, packaging or invoice. Products that do not comply with these requirements are prohibited.
Note: Designated beef refers to beef for human consumption (excluding ham, sausage or other products manufactured, processed and/or cooked from beef, or minced or chopped beef, or other similar products) derived from cattle registered in the Individual Cattle Identification Register. For more details, please check the information provided under the heading "Beef Traceability" on the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' website: (Japanese)
  • Foods and food additives that do not comply with standards specified under the Food Sanitation Act and other regulations.
  • Beef livers that no information that the product is inedible raw is stated in the detail page.
  • Meat, processed meat, livestock products such as beef, pork, mutton and poultry, etc., imported from areas classified as prohibited areas under the Act on Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control. (Japanese)

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